Transcript: Space Probes "Space Station Mir" | Sep 29, 2004

A black opening slate reads "Space Station Mir."

Over a view of the Space Station in Earth orbit, taken from above it, a caption
reads "Polovtsian Dances number 1, Alexander Borodin." Other views of the Space
Station alternate with views of the Space Shuttle.
(Pleasant Russian classical music plays)

The Space Station is seen from below and then in detailed close-up. A caption reads
"The Soviet Union sent Mir aloft on February 10, 1986." The crew is een inside the
cramped control room, working. They are young and wear white jerseys with
broad black horizontal stripes. Then clips show different activities in different
areas of Mir. A caption reads "In Russian, Mir means "peace"...
104 cosmonauts and astronauts inhabited the space station. Mir was originally
designed to last for 5 years. It functioned for 15 years. In 1991, Cosmonaut
Sergei Krikalev was stranded onboard when the Soviet Union collapsed. In 1995,
Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov set a world record of 438 days in orbit."

The crew of Mir are seen waving to the Space Shuttle, which flies nearby.
Against a photo of the Space Station, a caption reads "In 1997, a Progress
cargo ship crashed into Mir... the crew was seconds away from abandoning ship
before control was restored. Mir was decommissioned on March 23, 2001. It
burnt up during reentry."

Against a photo of Mir in orbit, a caption reads "Space Station Mir... 1986-2001."
The screen fades to black.

(Theme music plays)

the end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer Director, David Sobelman.

Production Editor, Julian Lannaman.

Footage courtesy of Johnson Space Center Jet Propulsion Lab.

Space Station Mir. TV Ontario 2004.

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