Transcript: Space Probes "Deep Space" | Oct 09, 2004

A black opening slate reads "Deep Space."

A light blue segmented rocket rises from its orange launch pad.
(Classical music plays)

A caption reads "La Traviata... Prelude, Giuseppe Verdi."

Animations show its orbit.

An egg-shaped, pockmarked asteroid rolls by.

A photo showing part of the deployed spacecraft bears a caption that reads
"Deep Space is to study Comet Borrelly." The camera pans out, revealing its
octagonal cylinder shape and its long solar panel wings. the caption now reads
"Comets are ancient relics formed in the coldest part of our solar system.

Against a close approach by two hazy illuminated objects, one oblong, and one
approximately spherical, a caption reads "September 22, 2001... Deep Space 1
photographs Comet Borrelly." Another reads "Deep Space takes infrared images
of the comet's nucleus. It measures the comet's magnetic and electric fields."
An animation shows a spiderlike arrangement of green lines emanating from the
probe and surrounding the gas clouds around the comet. A caption reads "It
analyzes the gases surrounding the nucleus."

A new caption reads "Deep Space 1 is the closest encounter with a comet for the
time being.

the end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer Director, David Sobelman.

Production Editor, Julian Lannaman.

Footage courtesy of Johnson Space Center Jet Propulsion Lab.

Deep Space. TV Ontario 2004.

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