Transcript: Aurora-Satie | Jul 06, 1999

(Gentle classical music plays)

A caption reads "The dawn goddess Aurora sets out before the sun to proclaim the
coming day. A full-screen caption reads "Aurora Borealis."

(Erik Satie's "3rd Gymnopédie" plays)

A caption reads "The aurora has meant many things to many peoples... Viking Lore,
"the light of young women's souls"... Lakota Sioux, "the Spirits of future generations
waiting to be born"... Aristotle thought the aurora was caused by vapor from the
Earth colliding with fire... Hippocrates theorized that it was reflected sunlight...
During the Middle Ages, a brilliant display of aurora caused panic... in the
19th Century, the aurora was thought to be thunderstorms. The aurora is a child
of the Sun and the Earth. A solar flare is seen in close-up. Particles from the
Sun are drawn around the magnetic poles. When the particles collide with the Earth's
atmosphere they produce a lightshow." The aurora plays, swirling in green eddies over
a northern pine forest. "The aurora has one thousand times the power of Niagara Falls."
A Japanese belief reads "A child conceived under the glow of aurora will have good fortune."
The screen fades to black.

The end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer, Murray Battle.

Editor, Michael Morningstar.


A Production of TV Ontario. 1998.

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