Transcript: Solar System-Clarke | Jul 06, 1999

(Classical music plays)

A fast clip shows an animation of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

(J. Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" plays)

An animation shows the planets of the Solar System.

Over an enhanced photo of its fiery, flaring surface, a caption reads "the Sun."
An animation shows a space vehicle with a strange shape rotating as it approaches
the Sun. A caption reads "Ulysses 1994." It is then shown going through the solar
wind. The image fades to black.

A photo shows the pockmarked surface of Venus. A caption reads "Venus."
An animation shows a rotating vehicle with an antenna dish and solar panels
over Venus. A caption reads "Magellan, 1990." Other animations show mountainous
landscapes on Venus, then cloud formations on Earth's globe. A caption reads
"Earth... Population 6 billion." The Moon appears. A caption reads "the Moon...
Manned landing July 20, 1969." An animation shows Mars, with the Mars Observer
approaching. A caption reads "Mars Observer, 1993." An animation shows features on Mars.
An animation of the planet reads "Jupiter and its moons." Against an image of
Jupiter, a caption reads "Voyager 1 and 2, 1979." Against an image of a moon,
a caption reads "Callisto." Ganymede and Europa appear in quick succession,
with their observing craft. Another animation captioned "Saturn" shows the planet
with its rings and an approaching spaceship. A caption reads "Voyager 1 and 2,
1980." Over an image of Uranus, a caption reads "Voyager 2, 1986." Over an image of
cloudy Neptune, a caption reads "Voyager 2, 1989." the animated planets do a kind of
dance, ending with a close-up of the Sun. The screen fades to black.

The end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer, Murray Battle.

Editor, Michael Morningstar.


A Production of TV Ontario. 1998.

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