Transcript: Shuttle-Pachabel | Apr 20, 1999

(Classical music plays)

A Space Shuttle stands on a pad, attached to its giant launch vehicle. The
main rockets ignite.

(J.Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major" plays)

The Shuttle slowly ascends on a pillar of flame. A caption reads "Space Shuttle flights
started April 12, 1981." The booster rocket separates and the Shuttle's rockets
ignite. From above, a camera shows the Shuttle in orbit above the Earth. Astronauts
in space suits move around it, making adjustments. Its bay is shown open. A pair
of suited astronauts hold up a cartel showing an ace of spades and reading "Ace
Tool Testers." A camera on an extensible arm is shown. Different shots show the Shuttle
by day and by night. Over a desert landscape, an experimental device consisting of
a collapsed circular antenna attached to a receptor by three long telescoping rods
unfolds in space. The crew members enjoy a meal of sandwiches. From orbit, the Earth's
minimally curved horizon is seen rimmed by a luminous blue band of atmosphere. Other
impressive orbital views show different aspects of the Earth. The Shuttle is seen in orbit,
then landing. A caption reads "Shuttle flights will continue well into the 21st Century."
The screen fades to black.

The end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer, Murray Battle.

Editor, Michael Morningstar.


A Production of TV Ontario. 1998.

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