Transcript: Measha Gosman | Oct 12, 1997

(Theme music plays)

Against a snatch of light classical music, different orchestral instruments float
onto the screen and then settle on a musical score.

A woman in her thirties with curly brown hair wearing a salmon pink operatic
gown stands beside a pianist sitting at a black grand piano.
A caption reads "Measha Gosman, University of Toronto, Faculty of Music... Gretchen
am Spinnarde... Schubert."

[singing in German]
Against cascading tinkly music from the piano, the soprano sings with feeling, with
eyes half closed, using delicately modulated notes. As the volume of her delivery
increases, she opens her arms in a slow gesture. Her face reflects different emotions,
including joy, sadness and worry. Towards the end of her performance, coinciding
with the emotional buildup, she hits high notes, then gently comes to a close.

An end slate reads "A Production of TVOntario. The Ontario Educational Communications
Authority. 1997."

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