Transcript: Kinza Tyrrel "Scherzo #1" - Chopin | Sep 28, 1997

(music plays)

The opening sequence begins. An animated clip shows a sheet music while musical instruments flash by: a trumpet, a violin, and a horn.

A title appears on screen. It reads "TVO Arts."

The room is dark. A spotlight illuminates a woman sitting at a grand piano. She is in her thirties, with long, curly light brown hair. She wears a black dress.

She plays the piano.

(music plays)

A caption appears on screen. It reads "Kinza Tyrrell, University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. 'Scherzo #1'- Chopin."

The camera approaches the pianist. Then, a close-up of her hands moving as her fingers touch the keys appears on screen.

(music plays)

The camera captures her performance from different angles.

(music plays)

The end credits roll.

A production of TVOntario, copyright The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 1997.

Watch: Kinza Tyrrel "Scherzo #1" - Chopin