Transcript: Toronto: Chinatown 1988 | Mar 08, 1988

An image of the CN tower appears as Chinese music plays.
A caption on the screen reads "Toronto, Chinatown."
A sign on a street car reads "505, Dundas West State."
A yellow building with Pagoda roofs pops into view.
Several signs written In Chinese calligraphy are shown over the shops on the street.
Dragons and decorative carvings on the walls of the shops pop into view.
A clip shows children running on wooden bridges painted red and white; it alternates with statues of dragons and an image of Confucius.
A white smiling statue shows a Chinese man with four small babies around him.
A little boy practices break dancing below a red and white bridge with wooden railings.
A clip shows shop signs written in Chinese over display windows. They’re mainly red, yellow and white.
A sign reads "Hoy Kun trading company Limited."
Others read "Kings Imports; Great China Herbs Centre; kim moon bakery; East court restaurant; Ai Ping Mart; etcetera."
People pack the streets around the shops. The look around and see vegetables on display tables on the road.
They pick up spinach and oranges and look at the prices written on cardboard over the boxes.
Fast clips show roasted chicken hanging in shop windows; signs on the walls written in Chinese, etcetera.

End credits roll.

Camera René Ohashi.

Editor Steven B. Pinchuk.

Production Assistant, Lisette Bilodeau.

Unit Manager, Wally Teska.

Produced by Christopher Johnson, Gillian Stuart Lyon.

Directed by Gillian Stuart Lyon.

A production of TVO Ontario.

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