Transcript: Toronto: University of Toronto | May 27, 1988

Music plays and an image of the CN tower pops up on screen.

A caption overwritten on the screen reads "Toronto University."

A clip shows images of the University heavy wooden doors. People walk in the University premises along the arched stone galleries carrying their books.

They walk through paths towards the old buildings and along stone inner walkways.

The old University building appears at a distance as the students and teachers walk briskly around the grounds.

An image of the more modern square buildings pops into view.

Fast clips show its glass doors as people walk down the stone steps from the building.

Students chat in groups and pairs as the bushes stand on either side of the stone roads leading to and from the University buildings. They carry satchels and papers in their hands.

They sit and drink from Styrofoam cups, or walk with schoolbags hanging from their backs.

An image shows the large clock on the façade. It reads 5 past 1.

The image fades into a statue of a man with a handlebar moustache on the molding of the building. Other stone faces are shown. they decorate the outside walls.

Students sit outside in the sun and look through their books.

An image of a heart shaped carving on a tree trunk alternates with couples of students sitting on the grass.

Fast clips show students playing hockey, Frisbee and ball in the parks.

Now a tall stone building with arched windows and towers is shown at different angles.
The wooden doors with iron ornaments appear. Tall roofs with iron railings at the top pop into view.

Clips in slow motion show the moldings along the archways and tall towers at the entrance of the amphitheatre.

A coat of arms shows the words "Propere et provide" carved into it.

Different carvings on the wall appear; they show a deer, golden stars on a blue background, etcetera.

A coat of arms with the lower half in black and white and a rising moon over it pops on screen.

The building is shown from different angles; the tall ornamented windows, the black street lamps along the galleries, towers and small pained windows appear on the screen.

A student walks into the building as he opens the heavy doors.

A white arched gallery leading to a round door pops into view.

End credits roll.

Camera René Ohashi.

Editor Steven B. Pinchuk.

Production Assistant, Lisette Bilodeau.

Unit Manager, Wally Teska.

Produced by Christopher Johnson, Gillian Stuart Lyon.

Directed by Gillian Stuart Lyon.

A production of TVO Ontario.

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