Transcript: Welcome back to On Docs | Oct 01, 2021

COLIN: Welcome back to
On Docs, I'm Colin.
NAM: And I'm Nam.
We're back with a new season
starting on October 8th.
What are we going to be
talking about, Colin?
COLIN: We're going to be
covering several documentaries,
such as Oscar Peterson:
Black & White
with filmmaker Barry Avrich,
which looks at the rise
of jazz and the
challenges faced
by black musicians.
BARRY AVRICH : How do you
distinguish between an
audience that watches you play,
and that same
audience will not
shake your hand after the show?
NAM: The discrimination faced
by Muslims in America
following the attacks
on 911 with Deeyah Khan.
DEEYAH KHAN: In the cycle of
fear and violence and hatred,
somebody has to
break that cycle.
COLIN: The climate crisis and
Australia's black summer
with (Unclear).
WOMAN: And if enough of us lead,
the government will follow,
and I think we're sort of
getting to that point now,
and the fires are part of that.
COLIN: And why truth and
reconciliation is so important
to get right, with (Unclear).
WOMAN: This is why I'm
still here today,
'cause education is the main
important thing for all people.
NAM: That's a huge season,
and there's much more
on the way.
Join us, as we talk
about the stories
these documentaries tell.
COLIN: Find us anywhere you
get your podcasts.
NAM: And we'll see you
on October 8th.

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