Transcript: Welcome to Season 2 of #onpoli, a TVO podcast | Apr 09, 2019

I'm Steve Paikin.
I'm John Michael McGrath.
STEVE: Want to better understand
the big picture on politics?
JOHN: And how it really
effects your daily life?
STEVE: Our politics
podcast returns for a
second season this April
with a new name
and a new co-host.
JOHN: Listen to the onpoli
podcast from TVO.
We explore questions such as...
JOHN: How did question period
become such a spectacle?
STEVE: Why are you teaching
that to my kid?
JOHN: And we'll get to know the
people behind the politics.
This is either the best time
or the worst time to be the
minister of finance.
And right where I belong.
WOMAN: For me, being queer is
both a personal identification,
but it's also a political
MAN 2: The reason I think I'm a
liberal and not a conservative,
'cause I think
conservatives are just
locked in this way of
doing things.
Check out #onpoli,
a TVO podcast
with me, Steve Paikin.
And me, John Michael McGrath.
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