Transcript: The bright lights of Old Scugog road | Dec 21, 2017

(festive music plays)

Subtitles read "When the Maxwells moved into their new home, they inherited a tradition – and a ton of Christmas lights. Old Scugog Road, in Bowmaville, is known for its holiday light show. Residents string up hundreds of lights, attracting thousands of visitors."

A clip shows the family unpacking boxes full of Christmas lights in a garage.

Subtitles read "It’s a tradition that requires families to do a lot of setting-up. The Maxwells spend an entire weekend hanging their lights. They often have to brave the cold, although they lucked out this year."

A woman says "Last year was one of those years where it was really, really cold. It was raining, it was snowing – all at the same time. We were frozen."

Subtitles read "The residents who take part have their light up by December 1st. The lights stay up until the New Year. Though that can have some unintended consequences."

The woman says "Coming home is sometimes a challenge because traffic is backed up way down Highway 57."

Subtitles read "The displays the residents create are breathtaking. Many families, including the Maxwells, set up donation boxes. They give donated goods and money to charities and shelters."

The woman says "We love doing it, and whether it’s beautiful or it’s raining, we go out and do it. We get it done because it’s an amazing tradition to be part of. We don’t ever want to miss out."

(music plays)

Watch: The bright lights of Old Scugog road