Transcript: Masters of the puniverse | Nov 30, 2017

Two men sit in an office.

Captions read "Patrick Tanzola and Rhain Louis are the Pun Gents."

Patrick is in his thirties, with short wavy brown hair and wears a gray shirt and a black sweater vest.

Rhain is in his thirties, bald and clean-shaven and wears a blue sweater.

Captions read "They’re punsters for hire who write puns professionally."

A clip rolls.


They both say THE PUN.

Subtitles read "We challenged them to write puns on four topics."

A caption reads "The Ontario general election."

Rhain says "So the Liberals win, here’s the headline: It’s a Wynne-Win situation."

Patrick says "Brown in the dumps."

Rhein says "If the PCs win: Ontario elects Brown man."

Patrick says "He’s brown, so he can say that."

Rhein says "We actually went to high school with him, too."

Patrick says "NDParty has started."

Rhein says "Another NDP headline: It was a left win. Then Wynne left."

The caption changes to "Ban on disposable coffee pods."

Patrick says "If the Conservatives can convince the Liberals to make this law, then it’s a caffeine Wynne."

Rhein says "Where there’s a swill, there’s a way."

Patrick says "If this goes through, soon there won’t even be coffee pods. You’ll be streaming your coffee trough Pod-a-fy. If it doesn’t pass, I guess the Nay-bobs have it."

Rhein says "That’s good."

The caption changes to "Pot legalization."

Rhein says "Let’s give them something to toke about."

Patrick says "Independent retailers to province: See you inhale."

Rhein says "Sure toke you long enough. At the same time the transit systems are moving to PRESTO cards. They’re phasing out tokens and phasing in toke-ins."

The caption changes to "TVO branding."

Rhein says "I think we should rename ‘The Agenda’ to ‘Paikin Care of Business.’"

Watch: Masters of the puniverse