A Divided America and Other Stories

Our roundup of the week begins with a discussion on the state of division in the United States and whether it will trigger a civil war. Then, should Ontario just let Omicron rip through the province to come closer to "community immunity?" Has society and its individuals lost the ability to look forward, strive, and be hopeful about the future? And author and journalist Ethan Lou discusses his book, "Once A Bitcoin Miner."
January 14, 2022 - 24:54

Steve Paikin

It’s extremely unusual for opposition parties to come together at Queen’s Park, particularly during an election year. But these are not normal times.
Who else did municipal politics like Mel Lastman? Noooooobody! 
The Toronto mayor has told friends he’ll decide by year’s end whether to seek a third term. Here’s my prediction.
In 1996, the most unlikely Liberal contestant emerged victorious at Maple Leaf Gardens.
For decades, he was a fixture of the legislature — and gave Ontarians the inside scoop.

What's on This Week

  • Mon
    Jan 17
    The Threat of Thawing Permafrost
    New scientific data suggests that the Arctic is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world. What are the implications for Canada? Then, psychologist Paul Bloom explores the reasons why people sometimes seek out unpleasant experiences, the subject of his book, "The Sweet Spot: Suffering, Pleasure and the Key to a Good Life."
  • Tue
    Jan 18
    Unvaccinated People: Accommodated or Restricted?
    Are punitive measures the best way to crackdown on those who remain unvaccinated in Canada? Then, social medicine and population health expert Dr. Andrew Boozary discusses why equity issues have persisted in Ontario's vaccine rollout.
  • Wed
    Jan 19
    Has Allyship Become A Buzzword?
    Allyship was chosen as word of the year for 2021 by dictionary.com. How has term evolved to take on a more nuanced and specific meaning? Then, has the pandemic disrupted people's photographic documentation of their lives?
  • Thu
    Jan 20
    Spotlighting Addiction Challenges
    Filmmakers Derreck Roemer and Neil Graham discuss their fly-on-the-wall feature documentary, "Come Clean," about a rural addiction treatment centre in Canada. Then, two of the film's subjects discuss their experience with addiction and recovery. And Toronto's medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa discusses a new effort she hopes will combat the opioid overdose crisis.
  • Fri
    Jan 21
    Ontario News Update
    The latest on what concerns Ontarians this week. Then, we remember the legacy of former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Lincoln Alexander. We learn about TVO Arts, a new initiative highlighting great works of visual art. And northwestern Ontario Hub journalist Charnel Anderson provides an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in Bearskin Lake.