Food Wisdom and other Agenda highlights

Our wrap up of the week begins with a look at jow can our food cravings be transformed to healthier ones. Then, can anxiety help people cope? Is it time for a four-day work week? What are the latest COVID-19 treatments.? And, we bust some prevalent myths about the virus.
December 3, 2021 - 22:50

Steve Paikin

In 1996, the most unlikely Liberal contestant emerged victorious at Maple Leaf Gardens.
For decades, he was a fixture of the legislature — and gave Ontarians the inside scoop.
Sixty years ago today, John P. Robarts became Ontario’s 17th prime minister — and started transforming the province.
They skated their hearts out for Canada at the 1964 Winter Olympics. Nearly 58 years later, these players still don’t have their medals.
After nearly a decade as Ontario’s education minister, Bill Davis led the Tories to four straight election wins, starting on this date in 1971.

What's on This Week

  • Mon
    Dec 06
    Binging on Douglas Coupland's Fiction
    Author and visual artist Douglas Coupland discusses his new book "Binge: 60 Stories to Make Your Head Feel Different." Then, we look at whether the ,great resignation,, marked by so many countries around the world, is happening in Canada.
  • Tue
    Dec 07
    An Indigenous Audience with the Pope
    Former national chief Phil Fontaine discusses what he and an AFN delegation hope to achieve when they meet with the Pope later this month. Then looking back on the life and legacy of Lee Maracle and the renewed interest in Indigenous storytelling.
  • Wed
    Dec 08
    Why is Life Becoming More Expensive?
    Consumer prices in Canada have risen at their fastest rate in almost two decades. What's behind the country's troubling inflation rate and what are some of the policies being discussed that might help address it? Then, Geoffrey Stevens discusses his new book on Canadian politician Flora MacDonald. "Flora! A Woman in a Man's World."
  • Thu
    Dec 09
    How is Canada Addressing Free Speech?
    Free speech has become a deeply embattled issue, especially in academia. Four contributors to a new collection of essays on the nature of the disagreement discuss. Then, author Dara Horn discusses her new book, "People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present."
  • Fri
    Dec 10
    Ontario News Update
    The latest news from around the province this week. Then, the latest COVID-19 update from northern Ontario. And we review our week of programming.