The Agenda reviews its week of programming.
March 22, 2019 - 25:24

Steve Paikin's Articles

Ontario voters often get up in arms about MPP pensions. Here’s why their outrage is misplaced.

Majority governments may seem to have all the power — but the flap over the OPP commissioner appointment demonstrates that they can be convinced to back down.

Some Liberals in this province are thinking that former MPP Tim Murphy should run for leader. They may be on to something.

New rules have come into effect governing freedom of speech at post-secondary institutions. This could get ugly — and expensive.

Richard Nixon was arguably the most brilliant foreign-policy practitioner in U.S. history. He also talked like a mob boss.

What's on This Week

  • Mon
    Mar 25
    Canada's New Housing Fix; Debating Health-Care Reform
    The Agenda examines some of the new measures in the 2019 federal budget that aim to make housing more affordable for Canadians. Then, two former Ontario deputy ministers of health share their views on the recent changes to health-care delivery in the province.
  • Tue
    Mar 26
    Crisis in the Catholic Church; Searching for Meaning
    The Agenda discusses the issues that are testing the future sustainability of the Catholic church. Then, psychiatrist and author Ralph Lewis on how one can find purpose in the world even without faith in God.
  • Wed
    Mar 27
    Boosting Local Infrastructure; A Focus on Skills
    The Agenda looks at how Ontario municipalities will spend their share of the infrastructure funding announced in last week's federal budget. Then, will the federal government's large investment in skills and training help Canada address its fast-evolving, technology-driven economy?
  • Thu
    Mar 28
    Growing Old Behind Bars; Cracking Down on Online Hate
    The Agenda discusses the findings of a recent report that looked at the growing proportion of older individuals in federal custody and the challenges they face. Then, examining the role of social media after the terror attack in New Zealand and how platforms handle hateful content online.
  • Fri
    Mar 29
    Broadcasting Baseball; Ontario Hubs; The Agenda's Week
    Legendary baseball broadcaster Jerry Howarth recounts some of his best stories from years of covering the Toronto Blue Jays. Ontario Hubs journalists discuss stories from around the province. And, The Agenda reviews its week of programming