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The Internet's Future; Should Billionaires Exist?

The promise, reality, and future of the internet. Should ultra-wealthy people share their good fortune? And, former conservative cabinet minister Hugh Segal talks about his lifelong fight for those experiencing poverty. The Agenda looks back on top stories from the week.
December 13, 2019 - 15:58

Steve Paikin

With the Conservative leader’s resignation, the party’s focus shifts to his replacement   
Kathleen Wynne was Ontario’s first female premier and Canada’s first openly LGBTQ premier. Now her portrait is making history at the legislature.
When the MPP for Scarborough–Guildwood went looking for a big name to back her leadership bid, she called her mentor and hero — Canada’s first-ever female Black MP.
ANALYSIS: In an unprecedented move, a former Ontario deputy minister has endorsed the former cabinet minister for Liberal leader.
Alvin Tedjo is running for the Ontario Liberal leadership, but his biggest “get” is from one of this country’s most prominent Progressive Conservatives. 

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