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Meeting Canada's Greenhouse Gas Targets

McGill University economist Chris Ragan, chair of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission explains the group's final report exploring this country's options for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.
January 27, 2020 - 26:31

Steve Paikin

Last week marked the final B’Nai Brith Sports Celebrity Dinner. For almost seven decades, it celebrated greatness — and created unforgettable memories.
At an event this week, three of Canada’s most prominent former MPs peeled back the curtain on the realities of being a woman in politics.
ANALYSIS: Debates about debates are a great Canadian pastime. So let’s talk about who should be up on that stage and who shouldn’t.
ANALYSIS: Last week, members of the debate commission and an advisory committee met to discuss how the federal English-language debate went. The verdict? Not very well.  
ANALYSIS: The federal Conservatives are a unique coalition of disparate interest groups. Which candidate can bring them all together?

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    Can Ontario's construction industry handle a complex series of infrastructure projects over the next decade? Then, Ecofiscal Commission chair Chris Ragan explains how close Canada is to meeting its 2030 goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by almost one-third from where it sits now.
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    Jan 30
    Art Fraud in Canada; A Future for Foster Kids
    On February 1, TVO presents the world broadcast premiere of "There Are No Fakes," a TVO Original documentary that dives into the shadowy world of art fraud in Canada. Filmmaker Jamie Kastner talks about what went into making the documentary, the forgery ring that plagued the market for Indigenous art star Norval Morrisseau's work, and Morrisseau's legacy itself. Then, how a tuition-waiver program is helping former youth in care in Ontario.
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