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Has COVID-19 Changed How We Shop for Food?

From empty grocery shelves to more home cooking and baking, how has the pandemic affected the way Ontarians shop for food and what they eat. Will these changes be lasting? We ask Sylvain Charlebois, scientific director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University; Jackie Fraberts, owner operator of the family-run grocery store Fraberts Fresh Food; and Marion Chan of TrendSpotter Consulting, which specializes in consumer behaviour in the food, beverage, and foodservice industries.
October 21, 2020 - 25:25

Steve Paikin

Some Ontario universities managed to do in one weekend what might otherwise have taken a decade to accomplish — going almost entirely virtual.
Borje Salming and Inge Hammarström were called “Chicken Swedes” and worse. But they were pioneers in the NHL — and had a huge impact on English Canada’s hockey mecca
As our neighbour to the south heads toward November 3, experts say we should keep in mind some lessons from 144 years ago
The pandemic will be with us for a while. So I’ve decided I need to start doing some of the things I used to do — as safely as possible.
It was a grand experiment in educational television. And the man who founded it considers it one of his greatest achievements in public life.

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