Salman Rushdie: A Quixotic Tale

Few writers would have the self-confidence to re-imagine the classic "Don Quixote," often referred to as the first modern novel. But there are few writers like Salman Rushdie. His newest novel, "Quichotte," takes readers on an equally epic journey, exploring the dilemmas of a world that has lost its grip on the truth.
November 13, 2019 - 26:32

Steve Paikin

She had a high profile, plenty of money, and oodles of volunteers. So why didn’t Milton’s Lisa Raitt win her federal-election race?
The Ontario NDP’s showing in last year’s provincial election gave their federal cousins high hopes for this year’s national election. Here’s why they came to nothing.
The Ontario Liberal Party has been around for 162 years — but its future leader will be taking on unprecedented challenges.
The populist revolution has fizzled out — and now Ford is relying on his worst political adversary’s recruits. Will this new approach help turn his premiership around?  
Lisa de Wilde never made any bones about it. She wanted to make big changes at TVO — and that’s what she did.

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