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Celebrating Pride During a Pandemic

There's nothing more iconic about Pride month than the various parades throughout the province. But what happens when those public celebrations have been cancelled? Northwestern Ontario Hub journalist Jon Thompson talks about how Fort Frances is adapting Pride activities to pandemic circumstances, and the importance of supporting the LGBTQ populations in Ontario's smaller and rural communities.
June 5, 2020 - 6:54

Steve Paikin

He played with some of the greatest Hall of Famers ever — and was pretty darned good himself. Al reminds me of how much I miss baseball.
Can you imagine Ken Dryden and Bobby Orr as teammates with the Boston Bruins? It almost happened.
She did hundreds of LTC inspections in Ontario during her career and saw amazing acts of kindness — and indefensible corruption.
Federal and provincial governments have helped bail out employees, employers, seniors, tenants, businesses, post-secondary students, and lower-income people. What about our cities?
Allan Gotlieb, who died last month at the age of 92, was Canada’s longest-serving ambassador to the U.S. He left behind a rich legacy — and an example to follow.

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