Flattening Ontario's Mental Health Curve

The daily COVID-19 case counts and vaccination rates in the province have become a refrain for Ontarians, but what about the numbers as they relate to mental health in the province? Will there be a surge in mental -health issues after living in a pandemic for over a year? And is the province's mental-health system up to the task? Kwame McKenzie, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and member of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table's Mental Health Working Group, talks about this looming problem.
May 5, 2021 - 21:27

Steve Paikin

Civil servants are supposed to provide “fearless advice and loyal implementation” — but some critics question whether they have an anti-Tory bias.
For the first time in years, there’s evidence that the Grits are serious contenders again.
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This past weekend proved you still need the consent of the governed in Canada’s biggest province.

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