A Snapshot of Ontario Policing and other top stories

Our roundup of the week's programming starts with a look at how policing is - or isn't changing in Ontario. Then, we evaluate the Ontario government's new Working for Workers labour act. Why isn't Canada fostering more innovation? Lynn Gehl discusses her book, ,"Gehl v. Canada: Challenging Sex Discrimination in The Indian Act." And, what does it mean to be Indigenous?
November 26, 2021 - 21:51

Steve Paikin

For decades, he was a fixture of the legislature — and gave Ontarians the inside scoop.
Sixty years ago today, John P. Robarts became Ontario’s 17th prime minister — and started transforming the province.
They skated their hearts out for Canada at the 1964 Winter Olympics. Nearly 58 years later, these players still don’t have their medals.
After nearly a decade as Ontario’s education minister, Bill Davis led the Tories to four straight election wins, starting on this date in 1971.
The NDP spots aimed at Doug Ford are pretty standard fare. The one targeting the Liberal leader is more intriguing.

What's on This Week

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    Nov 29
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    Nov 30
    A Global Day of Giving
    Many charitable organizations continue to struggle amid pandemic-fueled unemployment. On this Giving Tuesday, what are some of the ways Canadians can give back? Then, how charities are trying to help those falling behind as Canada's wealth inequality grows.
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    Is Now the Time for a Shorter Work Week?
    Can a four-day work week increase employee productivity, end burnout, and lead to a better work-life balance for employees? What effect might that have on existing office space? Then, to mark World Aids Day, we'll examine the latest in HIV research and treatments and discuss whether a vaccine is closer to becoming a reality.
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    COVID-19: Myths, Treatments and the Evolution of Masking
    Debunking COVID-19 myths. Then, what new antiviral and antibody treatments are being developed? And what's the latest science on how masks keep people safe from COVID-19?
  • Fri
    Dec 03
    The Politics of Being Black
    Giller Prize-winning novelist Ian Williams discusses his new non-fiction book, "Disorientation: Being Black in the World." Then, Hamilton-Niagara Hub Journalist Justin Chandler on why paramedics are spending more time stuck at hospitals. And, we review our week of programming