The Agenda reviews its week of programming.
May 24, 2019 - 18:17

Steve Paikin

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get worse for the Liberals, they did. Here’s why  

Some Ontarians worry that international students are taking spots at universities and colleges away from locals. Instead, they should be grateful that those students are picking up our government’s financial slack.

Ontario’s 26th premier has a fascinating combination of skills — and he phones Ontarians to remind them of it all the time.
Show up for a natural disaster and get pilloried. Don’t show up and still get pilloried. It’s reality for 21st-century politicians.

Despite being well-educated, too many liberal-arts grads feel ill-prepared for life after university.


What's on This Week

  • Mon
    May 27
    Magic in the Modern Metropolis; Amphibious Architecture
    The Agenda welcomes city planning expert Joe Berridge to discuss what goes into building the perfect city. Then, why leaky sewers are contributing to higher flood risk in Ontario. And, how floating houses could be one way to avoid extreme flooding damage.
  • Tue
    May 28
    A Great Lakes Refuge; Climate-Change Financial Risks
    Lakes region can be a refuge from the ravages of climate change. And, what the Bank of Canada is doing to mitigate the financial risks posed by climate change.
  • Wed
    May 29
    Repealing Compelled Speech; Explaining CBD
    The Agenda examines the Law Society of Ontario’s decision to vote down its compulsory equality, diversity, and inclusion statement. Then, how entrepreneurs, governments, and individuals can work successfully with First Nations. And, why there’s still a lot to learn about the growing trend of cannabidiol, better known as, CBD.
  • Thu
    May 30
    Time to Abolish the Indian Act?; A Champion for Colleges
    The Agenda asks whether it’s time to amend or scrap the Indian Act. Then, Steve Paikin talks to Ann Buller, Centennial College’s longest-serving president, about the transformative change she’s brought to the Ontario college system over the course of her career.
  • Fri
    May 31
    A Career in Basketball; Ontario Hubs; Week in Review
    Jay Triano, former Toronto Raptors coach, discusses his book, "Open Look: Canadian Basketball and Me," and his thoughts on the team’s historic run in this year’s playoffs. Then, season two of Mainstreet Ontario kicks off with a look at Unionville. Ontario Hubs journalists discuss stories from around the province. Field producer Jeyan Jeganathan visits Haley House, a home for chronically ill prison inmates. And, The Agenda reviews its week of programming.