The Rocky Rollout of Legal Cannabis

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since last October, so why do more than 40 per cent of users still buy on the black market? To look at how the country and province handled the rollout of legal cannabis The Agenda welcomes Abi Roach, director of the Cannabis Friendly Business Association and owner of the Hot Box Café in Toronto, and the Globe and Mail's cannabis industry reporter Mark Rendell.
August 21, 2019 - 26:29

Steve Paikin

Last week, I met a family of Trump supporters on Manitoulin Island. What they had to say was fascinating.  
You might not have heard of her, but you’ve heard her songs. It’s time that we honoured one of our best songwriters.
Steve Paikin weighs in on an issue he's been stewing about.
She blazed trails for women in both politics and medicine — and struck fear into the hearts of reporters and opponents alike.
Ontarians picked him as their 18th premier when he was just 41 years old. Today, he turns 90 — and he’s still going strong.

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