Why Support TVO

Two young children using tablets

Learning unlocks limitless possibilities.

And in 1970, this belief was put into action with the creation of TVO, Canada's first full-time, educational TV channel. Since then, donors have helped TVO lead the way in using new technology to help Ontarians learn more about themselves and the world around them. 

When you support TVO, you breathe life into the education of millions of Ontarians who want to change their lives through learning.

Your gift supports the grade school child who desperately needs math help. It gives a second change to the high school dropout who now wants to graduate. And it empowers the teachers, filmmakers, and journalists who encourage young learners, tell Ontario's stories, and help spark important conversations about issues that really matter.

All of these life-changing moments can only be created by donors like you; people who truly care about and believe in the power of learning. When you give to TVO, you actively help millions of people reach their full potential through the following TVO programming and products:

Homework Help

Homework Help offers Grade 7'10 students free live, online help with math homework from an Ontario teacher and a library of tutorials to support understanding of important math concepts.

ILC (Independent Learning Centre)

The ILC is Ontario's largest online high school. Since 1926, it's enabled students from all walks of life to earn credits toward their Ontario Secondary School diploma, empowering them to realize their chosen personal, career, and life goals.


mPower is TVO's free game-based digital math resource was developed in partnership with Ontario teachers. It encourages positive attitudes towards math in children from Kindergarten through Grade 6, while developing foundational numeracy and math skills that are critical for life.


TeachOntario is an online social network for teachers. Everything on TeachOntario is created for teachers and by teachers. This includes curated resources, webinars and discussion forums, and a space for project collaboration and development.

Dynamic Documentaries

Documentaries change the way we think, feel, and see the world. With your support, TVO commissions more than any other broadcaster in Ontario. Your donations help aspiring filmmakers tell unique stories that provide in-depth exploration of the issues that affect us.

Thought-Provoking Current Affairs

On air and online, The Agenda with Steve Paikin helps Ontarians form a local perspective on global issues. On tvo.org, people can engage with our Ontario Hubs initiative which focuses on important local matters that also resonate with larger Ontario audiences.


TVOkids provides free children's programing and online content that parents trust as a constructive educational source to set their children up for early success in school and life.

Our vision for the future is one where every Ontarian can discover their potential through learning, regardless of finances, geography, or personal circumstances.

TVO has the leadership and experience to make this happen.

All we need is you.

Please donate to TVO today and help ignite the potential that lies within everyone through learning.