Support TVO Ontario Hubs

Support TVO Ontario Hubs

Ontario Hubs Campaign Update

This year, we were presented with a unique opportunity when, for the second time, The Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust committed to matching all donations in support of Ontario Hubs—up to $500,000. So, we called upon you, our dedicated community of supporters. And we were completely overwhelmed and inspired by your response.

Thousands of you answered the call, making generous donations in support of Ontario Hubs and TVO’s in-depth journalism. You helped us exceed our goal, $500,000 of which will be matched by Barry and Laurie Green. Altogether, that’s over $1 million for the Ontario Hubs initiative.

To Barry and Laurie Green and all of you who supported this campaign: thank you!

The Ontario Hubs Initiative

The media landscape is changing rapidly, and journalism isn’t what it used to be. Despite the importance of local journalism, it’s been steadily eroding; newsrooms have shrunk, wire content from faraway places has increasingly taken the place of local coverage, and the journalism jobs that remain have converged in big cities, lacking the thoughtful, nuanced analysis Ontarians need.

That’s why Ontario Hubs is so important: a network of on-the-ground journalists in communities across the province. With hubs in Thunder Bay, London, Kingston, Sudbury, Hamilton-Niagara, and Ottawa (Indigenous-focused), this initiative is TVO’s effort to bring local news analysis back to Ontario by producing content that represents the vastness of our province and brings underreported stories to light.

The Story So Far

Ontario Hubs launched in 2017 thanks to an incredibly generous and transformative donation—one of the largest gifts to journalism in Canadian history—from The Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust and Goldie Feldman.

It began with four hubs staffed by TVO journalists in Thunder Bay, London, Kingston, and Sudbury, along with a travelling field producer filing short documentary reports from all across Ontario.

In 2019, thanks to a renewed commitment from Barry and Laurie Green and Goldie Feldman, we launched the Indigenous Hub. Based out of Ottawa, this hub covers Indigenous stories, issues, and perspectives in Ontario. This is an important component of TVO’s ongoing effort to build understanding about Indigenous communities in Canada and educate Ontarians about how all of us can be a part of reconciliation.

And recently, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to expand on this initiative, opening a new hub in the Hamilton-Niagara region and hiring an additional journalist to enhance our coverage in Northwestern Ontario.

While others are cutting back on local journalism, TVO continues to expand, hiring more journalists to provide comprehensive coverage of our vast province. This wouldn’t be possible without the philanthropic support of people like you.

How You Can Help

Ontario Hubs addresses a gap in the existing media landscape where regional current affairs perspectives are becoming a rare commodity. This local journalism is vital to a healthy democracy, giving voice to those who are not always heard and inspiring Ontarians to become engaged in strengthening our communities.

These are important stories to tell. You help us do it.

The Ontario Hubs initiative is special because it is entirely funded by donors like you. In today’s shifting media landscape, investing in in-depth, local current affairs journalism is more important than ever.

Please make your gift to Ontario Hubs today. Our province will be better for it.

You can make your donation online at or by calling us toll-free at 1-855-667-1886.