Make a Gift of Securities

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One of the most beneficial ways to give is through a gift of stocks and securities.

One of the most beneficial ways to give is through a gift of stocks and securities.

Why is donating securities better than donating cash?

Gifts of publicly listed securities are an attractive way to make a donation because they are subject to generous tax incentives in Canada. Your gift of securities is exempt from tax when you transfer the securities in-kind.  

When you sell securities (such as shares or stocks) for more than you paid for them, you have what is called 'capital gain.' If you cash these securities, you will have to pay income tax on 50% of this capital gain. However, if you donate them whole or in kind to TVO, you don't pay any tax on the capital gain.

How do I donate my stocks or securities?

Complete the TVO Gift of Securities Form (PDF) and send a copy to your broker and to us (address listed on the form). Your broker may contact us directly, or if you prefer, we can contact your broker to support you in making your donation.                  

You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities on the date they are transferred to our account, and you can use this receipt to offset other taxes.

You can donate securities during your lifetime or through your will.

Who can I contact for more information?

For questions about the gifts of securities process, please contact Halyna Polischuk, Manager of Leadership Giving, at 416.484.2600 x2809 or

Thank you in advance for considering a gift to TVO. As the people of Ontario have for generations, you can trust TVO to continue to build a better world through the power of learning, made possible through careful stewardship of public funds and the generous support of our donors.