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Air Date: April 03, 2001 - 27:59
Many of us have an aneurysm right this moment, but only a fraction of those will rupture.
Air Date: March 27, 2001 - 27:59
Most Canadians accept the reality of waiting lists. But if you knew that the specialist you were waiting for was spending a lot of his time performing private, cosmetic surgery you might not be as understanding.
Air Date: March 20, 2001 - 27:59
People who complain about migraines often receive little sympathy. After all, it's just a headache, right? Wrong. Migraines are a serious and debilitating condition.
Air Date: March 13, 2001 - 27:59
The science of making artificial facial features, such as eyes, ears and noses, is called Anaplastology.
Air Date: March 06, 2001 - 27:59
It's more compassionate, not to mention cheaper, to let people die, recuperate or spend their last years living in their own home.
Air Date: February 27, 2001 - 27:48
More and more children are getting Type 2 diabetes.
Air Date: February 20, 2001 - 27:29
This week, a special look at Cochlear Implants. It's hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't be upset at the news their child was deaf or hearing impaired. That's news that parents of more than 2,000 children in Canada get every year.
Air Date: February 13, 2001 - 26:29
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a painful and debilitating disease. Patients have inflamed and swollen joints that can leave them crippled and immobile. There is no cure, but doctors are excited about new drugs coming on to the market.
Air Date: February 06, 2001 - 27:59
Vertigo affects about 30% of Canadians, most of them over the age of 65. Some cases are mild, some cases can be treated, but for others, it's a life changing disability.
Air Date: January 30, 2001 - 27:59
Hockey superstar Eric Lindros was suspended because of repeated concussions. Even kids in amateur sports are taking risks with multiple concussions. In this episode we take a look at the risks of multiple concussions.
Air Date: January 23, 2001 - 27:59
Researchers are running clinical trials on Gene Therapy for the leading cause of death - heart disease. And the results, so far, are promising.
Air Date: January 16, 2001 - 28:07
A recent study estimated that it costs nearly 1.5 million dollars in treatment and care for every child born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A new study says that meditation, relaxation and group support can prolong the life of cancer patients.
Air Date: January 09, 2001 - 27:59
We follow a breast cancer survivor before, during, and after a breast reconstruction procedure called a tram flap. A discussion on the health risks of waiting lists.
Air Date: January 02, 2001 - 27:59
New research says if a baby is in a breech or bottom first position during labour, doctors should do a caesarian section. But if caught early enough the baby can be turned using a method that's been around for centuries.