Archive: Talking Film

Movie expert Elwy Yost interviews industry people on both sides of the camera, encouraging them to talk about themselves, the state of their art, and its history. The series features many famous film personalities who, along with producers, directors, designers, screenwriters, and critics, offer candid insights into the making of motion pictures. "Talking Film" is an adaptation of Yost's interviews on his "Saturday Night at the Movies" series and would be a suitable addition to media studies courses at the secondary or postsecondary level.


Air Date: April 20, 1989 - 28:03
Talking Interviews contains interviews with the following guests: David Niven, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Marius Goring, Jack Cardiff, and Leslie Halliwell.
Air Date: April 19, 1989 - 00:35
Elwy Yost and his guests reminisce about the life and works of the American director Frank Capra.
Air Date: April 18, 1989 - 28:09
Host Elwy Yost and his guests discuss two famous British motion pictures produced by Sir Alexander Korda.
Air Date: April 17, 1989 - 28:31
Elwy Yost talks with veteran Warner studios animators Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.
Air Date: April 13, 1989 - 26:53
Elwy Yost discusses techniques employed in the making of horror films, both classic and contemporary.
Air Date: April 11, 1989 - 28:16
Husband and wife Andrew Sarris and Molly Haskell describe their careers as film critics, the difficulty of maintaining objectivity in film reviewing, contemporary trends in filmmaking, and the effect of their careers on their lives.
Air Date: April 06, 1989 - 28:29
Elwy Yost meets John Huston, director of such films as "The Maltese Falcon", "The African Queen", and "The Man Who Would Be King".
Air Date: April 05, 1989 - 28:26
Host Elwy Yost looks at the role of the motion picture critic with guests John Simon, of "New York" magazine, and Andrew Sarris, of the "Village Voice."
Air Date: April 04, 1989 - 28:06
In this examination of the craft and magic of special effects in the movies, host Elwy Yost interviews Bruce Pittman, special-effects specialist Joe Zomar, and optical-effects genius Linwood Dunn.
Air Date: March 30, 1989 - 24:47
The second of two programs about director George Stevens, one of Hollywood's most talented filmmakers. Elwy Yost talks with actors Joel McCrea and Charlton Heston, screenwriter Evan Moffat, and editor William Hornbeck about their memories of Stevens.
Air Date: March 28, 1989 - 28:10
This program explores the art of making motion pictures with film designer Saul bass, director Robert Aldrich, and photographer William Fraker.
Air Date: March 27, 1989 - 28:49
Host Elwy Yost visits several Hollywood landmarks - the sidewalk in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and Paramount Studios.
Air Date: March 24, 1989 - 28:06
Discussing how Twentieth Century-Fox operated and flourished during its heyday.
Air Date: March 23, 1989 - 28:40
In an exploration of the myth and reality of Hollywood westerns, Elwy Yost interviews actor Joel McCrea and directors John Sturges, Robert Aldrich, and Mark Rydell.
Air Date: March 22, 1989 - 28:16
Elwy Yost interviews one of the creators of the documentary film, Pare Lorentz, the man who made "The River", "The Plough That Broke the Plains", and "The Fight for Life". They discuss Lorentz's long career, and aspects of the documentary genre.
Air Date: March 21, 1989 - 28:08
The Making of a Motion Picture 3
Air Date: March 20, 1989 - 28:41
Interviewing some of today's most successful directors - Stanley Kramer, Robert Aldrich, and Richard Brooks.