Suffragettes Forever: The Story of Women and Power

In this provocative three-part series. Prof. Amanda Vickery tells the story of the long war to give women an equal share of power in Britain. It was the Edwardian suffragettes who won the vote but Vickery reveals that they were part of a much longer struggle that had been going on since the 18th century. She shows how bloody revolution, working-class radicals, lovestruck philosophers, campaigners in the sex industry and even the humble bicycle all played their part in tackling this social injustice. It is a story that puts the battle for the vote at the turn of the 20th century in its true context, and Vickery argues it is a war that is still going on today. With her characteristic enthusiasm, she takes us across Britain and deep into the corridors of power, bringing to life the heroic women, and a few men, who were brave enough to demand equality for all.


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