Queen Victoria and her Nine Children

This is the story of Queen Victoria - a widow in mourning who had to raise her nine children on a very public stage. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were an unusually devoted couple with strong ideas about the role of the Royal Family. But when Albert died, Queen Victoria was left a single (career) mother. Queen Victoria and Her Nine Children explores Victoria's struggle to mourn her husband's death, carry out her Royal duties and keep both her family and public in check


Air Date: February 11, 2019 - 43:35
In the 1860s, Victoria struggled with her responsibilities as a monarch and mother and locked herself away from the public gaze. She also spent less time with her children and more with her private secretary, John Brown.
Air Date: February 04, 2019 - 43:45
A look at how Queen Victoria, devastated by the loss of her husband, the father of her nine children, descended into mourning, refused to appear in public and instead started micromanaging her children's lives.