Archive: On the Level

"On the Level", a series of twelve 15-minute programs, is designed to help adolescents understand the social and personal growth that accompanies maturity. Each of the mini-dramas focuses on a common teenage problem, such as love, stress, self-concept, friendship, family relationships, or conflict. The open-ended segments and an accompanying study guide stimulate reflection and discussion on reasonable courses of action open to the individuals in the dramatizations. "On the Level" would be a suitable complement to family studies and health and physical education courses at the intermediate and senior levels.


Air Date: February 26, 1988 - 14:51
Impulsive Lisa offers to show Kate around the town when they get a break from their jobs at a summer resort. When two drunks follow them and threaten violence, Lisa panics, and it is up to Kate to assess their situation and consider alternatives.
Air Date: February 26, 1988 - 14:41
Highschool seniors Sam and Harvey are trying to select personally satisfying careers.
Air Date: February 26, 1988 - 14:41
Dave's acting coach, Susan, urges him to overcome his inhibitions and express his innermost feelings. Following her advice, Dave makes a confession that appalls her, but it teaches him a valuable lesson in self-expression.
Air Date: February 26, 1988 - 14:46
When Ben's family moves out of town to his grandfather's isolated farm, Ben finds his loneliness hard to bear. He reacts with anger and resentment to his grandfather's lack of sympathy, but later comes to appreciate the old man's point of view.
Air Date: February 25, 1988 - 14:36
Nancy jeopardizes a long-term friendship by agreeing to have dinner at her boyfriend's exclusive country club on the night of the senior prom. Her best friend Jan and Jan's date must make other plans, as the club excludes Chinese-Americans.
Air Date: February 25, 1988 - 14:31
Bob crashes a party for his ex-girlfriend Cindy, and finds his jealousy of her new boyfriend hard to contain. When he confronts Cindy about their past relationship, her new friend, Dave, reacts angrily.
Air Date: February 25, 1988 - 14:30
Easygoing Beto neglects his job and girlfriend Theresa, expecting his more reliable, but less charming, friend Hector to bail him out of trouble. Hector grows tired of Beto's irresponsibility, and the two friends clash.
Air Date: February 25, 1988 - 14:30
Charlie and Kelly have to cope with the continual ribbing of their friends when they don't join group activities.
Air Date: February 24, 1988 - 14:24
A humorous look at a serious problem: Brad must learn to deal with stress at work, in school, and at home. As they follow Brad through his calamitous day, students in a classroom candidly discuss ways of dealing with stress.
Air Date: February 17, 1988 - 14:20
Tyrone lets his dream of being a professional saxophone player intrude on his studies at school and his relationship with his parents.
Air Date: February 10, 1988 - 14:28
Jean's father fires the farmhand when he learns that the youth and his daughter are dating. Teenaged Jean feels she must resort to drastic measures when she realizes her father still treats her as a child.
Air Date: February 03, 1988 - 14:21
Although she has more important tasks at hand, Alice reluctantly takes on Gail's neglected yearbook assignments. Alice, who dislikes personal conflict, refuses to confront Gail with her true feelings of resentment.