Northern Gold

Northern Gold is a two-part series that uncovers the history of the northern Ontario city of Timmins. Founded by immigrants and prospectors in the early 20th century, the town's gold rush spawned legendary stories of bootlegging and gangsters. A lot has changed since then. With the city facing mine closures today, residents are embracing an uncertain future with strength, resilience, and fortitude. Coarse Language.


Air Date: March 06, 2019 - 53:20
As the city of Timmins grew, miners fought successfully to improve their working conditions. Today, the city faces an uncertain future as mines close down.
Air Date: March 06, 2019 - 54:32
Drawn to the area's newly discovered gold deposits, the immigrants that helped found the city of Timmins faced immense discrimination. As miners continued to work in hazardous conditions, northern Ontario gold fueled the economic boom in the south.