Archive: More To Life

More To Life offers Ontario viewers an intelligent daytime alternative to soap opera, talk shows and reruns. This interactive phone-in program offers practical information that will entertain and educate viewers and enhance their daily lives.


Air Date: April 11, 2001 - 56:45
Nothing says Easter like perfectly cooked vegetables. Skip the chocolate and join Madeleine Greey for some delicious hints on creating the perfect dish for your special Easter dinner.
Air Date: March 28, 2001 - 56:55
Author Bonny Reichert joins Karen Horsman to talk about ways to get your baby to sleep through the night, and adventure racers Dave Zietsma and Yvonne Camus talk about participating in the Eco-challenge 2000 in Borneo.
Air Date: March 26, 2001 - 56:53
Renowned childcare expert Barbara Coloroso is to take your questions on parenting.
Air Date: March 23, 2001 - 57:01
Jim Stanford, economist with the Canadian Auto Workers and Jill Jukes from Murray Axsmith and Associates discuss the current economic downturn, and resident film critic Thom Ernst talks all things Oscar.
Air Date: March 22, 2001 - 56:57
Guests Bill Mailloux, Vice-President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and George Brinkman, a University of Guelph professor, discuss the true relationship between government subsidies and the health of the Canadian farm industry.
Air Date: March 19, 2001 - 56:58
Dr. David Baron is a gastroenterologist and he'll answer your questions on gastric problems from heartburn to colon cancer.
Air Date: March 16, 2001 - 56:13
Guests Ann Coombs, Dale Patterson, and resident movie critic Thom Ernst join host Maureen Taylor to discuss all things work, history and films.
Air Date: March 15, 2001 - 56:35
Dr. Wayne Carman is a plastic surgeon. He practices out of the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto and he's here to take your calls.
Air Date: March 13, 2001 - 56:32
Bob McDonald, host of Quirks and Quarks will be in to show us some simple science experiments and answer some burning questions.
Air Date: March 12, 2001 - 56:45
Dr. Michael Virro is here to take your calls and answer your questions about infertility.
Air Date: March 08, 2001 - 56:40
Frank Ferragine is here to take your calls and answer all your gardening questions.
Air Date: March 06, 2001 - 56:57
Art critic Gary Michael Dault joins us to answer all those questions about art you've always been afraid to ask.
Air Date: March 05, 2001 - 56:52
Neurologist Dr. Richard Wennburg is in studio to talk about epilepsy along with Sarah Jane Wilson, who has lived with epilepsy since she was 19. Plus Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal education critic, talks about the new Liberal education plan.
Air Date: March 01, 2001 - 56:51
Professor Doug Powell of the University of Guelph discusses the growing problem of food safety.
Air Date: February 27, 2001 - 56:58
Join our guests, Andrew Sancton, political science professor at the University of Western Ontario and author of Merger Mania, and Tom Jakobek former Toronto budget chief and Councilor to talk about the super cities of the future.
Air Date: February 26, 2001 - 56:50
Are you ashamed to show your feet in public? Have planter's warts or plantar fasciitis got the better of your tender tootsies? Podiatrist Dr. Glenn Copeland will be on call to help cure your foot ailments.
Air Date: February 19, 2001 - 56:35
Resident cardiologist Dr. Rob Myers will be in studio to answer your health questions.
Air Date: February 16, 2001 - 46:36
George Iny takes your calls about lemons. We're talking cars here. Whether it's a hot rod for your teenager or a new car for granny, George will help you make the best choice.