Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime

Michael Palin's Travels sees the much-loved TV traveller revisit four of his famous documentary series -Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Full Circle and Sahara. In intimate conversation, and using his personal archive, he reflects on how he got addicted to travel, and reveals the challenges he faced making these ground-breaking series.


Air Date: January 14, 2022 - 44:03
Leaving the towns and cities of Pakistan and India behind, Michael ascends into the mountains, to encounter the societies who live at the top of the world.
Air Date: January 07, 2022 - 43:44
Michael continues his journey in Pakistan. He explores Islam, then moves on to India where he meets the Dalai Lama, and visits the Sikh town of Amritsar.
Air Date: December 24, 2021 - 43:07
This episode sees Michael revisit his fourth, and in some ways most personal, travel series. Inspired by the apparent emptiness of the dessert, he goes to find out what this 'blank space' contains.
Air Date: December 17, 2021 - 43:00
Michael took on his longest and most gruelling journey yet - a 50,000-mile route around the Pacific Rim taking in Russia, China, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand and North and South America.
Air Date: December 10, 2021 - 43:30
A look at how the success of 80 Days opened the door for Michael to tackle an even more ambitious journey for his next series. He would follow the line of 35 degrees latitude from North Pole to South.
Air Date: December 03, 2021 - 43:05
Journeying from London to Venice, Michael first encounters the grubby side of that famous city as he does a shift with its refuse collectors.