Archive: Language Alive - ST

Language Alive is a 20-part Virtual Classroom series hosted by elementary school teacher Alexa Usher-Jones which aired every Friday mornings and afternoons from May 8 - June 12, 1998 and February 8 - March 12, 1999. Each session features an interactive lesson on language learning, spelling, writing, story-telling and grammar using video clips, studio props and live phone-ins by students. Each lesson has three stages - writing prompts, main ideas, and a virtual challenge - and ends with a homework assignment.


Air Date: March 31, 1999 - 52:18
In this session of Language Alive, Mrs. U-J continues the Character Box project and talks about new ideas and writing tips to help develop characters and character sequences for your story.
Air Date: March 31, 1999 - 49:04
In this session of Language Alive, Mrs. U-J wraps up the the virtual talk show project, the aim being to get students ready to develop their own talk show and practice their oral visual communications.