Lands of the Monsoon

Exotic and alluring, the wildlife and cultures of southern Asia have been shaped by one of the greatest phenomena on earth: the monsoon winds that sweep across this vast region, turning drought into deluge. All life - human and animal - is dominated by this rampaging weather system. From the northern shores of Australia to the highest peaks of the Himalayas, the wind-blown deserts of northern India, to the lush equatorial forests of Borneo, this series makes an exhilarating journey through the lands of the monsoon. Along the way, it offers a taste of the variety and colour of the different regions' most extraordinary wildlife and cultures and the way they cope with the tumultuous weather. This is the story of a relationship between humans and nature that has grown across thousands of years - all living in the shadow of the monsoon. Finally the series asks what does the future hold for the magical lands of the monsoon?


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