Greek Island Odyssey with Bettany Hughes

Historian Bettany Hughes embarks on an epic journey to unpack the myths and legends of the Greek islands. Bettany follows the trail of Odysseus, with exclusive access to live archaeological digs uncovering bronze age warriors and virgin sacrifices. A gripping adventure amidst a stunning landscape.


Air Date: January 10, 2021 - 48:00
Bettany heads to Corfu, where she discovers that the island has a close connection to the UK. Her epic journey ends on Odysseus's home island, Ithaca.
Air Date: January 03, 2021 - 48:00
Bettany arrives in the Peloponnese, a peninsula that's home to some of ancient Greece's most legendary kings and vicious warriors.
Air Date: December 27, 2020 - 48:10
Bettany makes it to Crete, just before a storm does. A trip to Knossos reveals the whole story of the Minotaur.
Air Date: December 20, 2020 - 48:00
In Santorini, Bettany Hughes visits a Minoan city preserved in time by one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in history. Next is Naxos, home of the god of wine and revelry.
Air Date: December 13, 2020 - 47:54
Bettany takes a predawn trip to Delos, an island so sacred in ancient times that no one was permitted to live there. On Ikaria, Bettany gets a lesson in honey history.
Air Date: December 06, 2020 - 47:59
Off the coast of Turkey, Bettany meets an underwater archaeologist who shows her shipwrecks which date back over two and half thousand years.