Faster! Humanity's Quest to Save Time

Since just about forever, man has spent most of his time trying to find ways to save time. But no matter how hard we've tried, we just never seem to have quite enough of it. This series breaks down the inventions, objects and ideas that fool us into thinking we can bend time and maybe save some for later.


Air Date: January 20, 2022 - 50:05
Shopping malls didn't only change the way we shop, they changed the way we think about shopping. And for better or worse, they changed the way we spend time.
Air Date: January 13, 2022 - 50:05
Over time, roads have evolved from the footpath to the high speed limited access highway. Today we take them for granted, but have you ever given any thought to whether they are really saving us any time?
Air Date: January 06, 2022 - 50:05
At any given moment there are about 18,000,000 elevators operating around the world.