Employable Me

This six-part documentary series features job-seekers determined to show that having a physical disability or neurological condition shouldn't make them unemployable. Each episode features two individuals from the Greater Toronto Area or Montreal who want nothing more than to find steady employment. Each is living with vision loss or a neurological condition such as Tourette's, Asperger's or Down syndrome, or ADHD. It isn't always easy but each job seeker is determined to find their passion.


Air Date: August 09, 2020 - 50:00
Sports fanatic Mark has Autism Spectrum Disorder and hopes to find a career that makes use of his strong sports knowledge; Mari, who was born with Spina Bifida, craves more stability in a career.
Air Date: August 02, 2020 - 50:00
Despite having a Master's degree in Economics, Yang, a single mom who is blind, hasn't landed a paying job; Elias has Autism Spectrum Disorder and dreams of being a puppeteer.
Air Date: July 26, 2020 - 50:00
Daniel is looking for am employer who wants somebody who can think outside the box; Alessia wants to channel her creativity and love of kids into a career that excites her.
Air Date: July 19, 2020 - 50:00
Daniel is looking for a job in music or film; blind track star, George, hopes to work in software development.
Air Date: July 12, 2020 - 50:00
Kathryn hopes to find a job that puts her creative mind to use;Dylan wants a career in a dynamic environment.
Air Date: July 05, 2020 - 50:00
Jordan hopes to find a career that puts his extensive train knowledge to use; Ariana wants to work in the wellness field.