A spirited debate before a live audience on an issue about which many people feel strongly in an age of increasing economic inequality.
tennis oval from the article Anyone for tennis? A lot of Ontarians are — but good luck finding an indoor court
Inspired by Andreescu and Raonic, more and more people want to hit the ball around in the winter. There are few covered courts in the province, but tennis boosters are hoping to change that.
Experts explore the notion that happiness at work equals higher productivity.
archive photo of vaccination protest from the article ‘Stop the slaughter of the innocents’: Meet the anti-vaxxers of 1919 
When smallpox hit Toronto a century ago, the city’s medical officer of health ordered a general vaccination — triggering protests, court cases, and dire warnings of mutilations, syphilis, and death. 

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Published On: January 07, 2020
OPINION: Women got fed up and made change over the past 10 years. So how can we keep fighting for a better and more equitable world in the next decade?
Published On: January 07, 2020
ANALYSIS: The sport is on the wane in Toronto, and the city intends to close arenas in the coming decades. What happened to Canada’s game?
Published On: January 02, 2020
Constance Hamilton was a suffragette, a trained pianist, and a part-time farmer. In 1920, she captured a seat in Ward 3.
Published On: January 02, 2020 speaks with Antonio Lennert about when, how, and why to ride the waves on the world's largest freshwater lakes  
Published On: December 31, 2019
In his new memoir, the former Conservative politician explores the roots of what became a lifelong fight against poverty. 
Published On: December 30, 2019
Harry Oakes accumulated a mining fortune in Kirkland Lake that would equal to $3 billion today. He was murdered in the Bahamas in 1943. Who killed him?
Published On: December 27, 2019
With devices bringing assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri into our homes, a privacy expert wonders where we draw the line.
Published On: December 24, 2019
Throughout the year, The Agenda invites authors to discuss the topics captivating readers across the province. Here’s a roundup of some of this year’s most insightful conversations.  
Published On: December 23, 2019
The London Food Coalition uses a grassroots network of member groups to rescue 410 kilograms of food each day.
Published On: December 23, 2019
As the Jewish festival of lights gained prominence, rabbis and advertisers worked to balance commerce with religious meaning.
Published On: December 20, 2019
The Agenda discusses the art and craft of distilling in Ontario.
Published On: December 19, 2019
How are streaming services changing the film industry and the movie-going experience?
Published On: December 19, 2019
Scott Drader has been offering space on his property to low-income tenants for cheap for two years. Both the town and his insurance company want them out.
Published On: December 19, 2019
Find out how you can be part of the live audience for a special program Jan. 15. Please answer our survey
Published On: December 19, 2019
A generation gap is not a new phenomenon, but what is driving the recent viral OK Boomer meme?
Published On: December 18, 2019
London was Canada’s first municipality to give away tampons and pads in city-owned facilities. Now, Sarnia is following suit.
Published On: December 18, 2019
Alex Bierk tells a story of addiction and loss in Peterborough.
Published On: December 17, 2019
Michael Coren discusses his book, "Reclaiming Faith: Inclusion, Grace, and Tolerance.,