a prohibited sign from the article Cancel culture? It’s not just a left-wing problem — and I should know
OPINION: Critics say progressives are clamping down on free speech and stifling open discussion. But many of those critics have done the same thing.
Author Amanda Leduc discusses her book, "Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space."
Nam Kiwanuka and Eternity Martis from the article Excerpt: Eternity Martis’s ‘They Said It Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up’
In her memoir, the Toronto-based journalist and editor explores the not-so-secret lives of university students — and what it’s like to be a student and woman of colour today.
Eternity Martis talks about her experiences with anti-Black racism at university in Ontario.

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Published On: July 08, 2020
Across Ontario, public-health units are not only battling COVID-19 — but also advocating for a new post-pandemic normal.
Published On: July 07, 2020
The pandemic has made more people aware of how few places there are to go — and advocates say it’s time to embrace bathrooms as public-health infrastructure.
Published On: July 06, 2020
I made some progress last week in my mission to promote respectful discussion online. Here’s how.
Published On: July 03, 2020
Roundtables. Liaison. Community consultations. The city is developing a strategy — but activists say they’re not seeing quick and decisive action.
Published On: July 01, 2020
The accomplished athlete, broadcaster, and author shares her journey with Nam Kiwanuka.
Published On: June 25, 2020
Asher Hill, Canadian ice dancer, choreographer, coach, and co-host of "That Figure Skating Show," discusses his career, institutionalized racism in skating, and Black Lives Matter.
Published On: June 25, 2020
Steve Paikin talks to the outgoing Toronto Police Service chief about his time at the helm, and challenges facing the force.
Published On: June 24, 2020
TVO.org speaks with David Gratzer of CAMH about policing, de-escalation, wellness checks, and how to change the system after decades of neglect.
Published On: June 22, 2020
The Agenda discusses the RCMP's relationship with Indigenous communities.
Published On: June 22, 2020
The pandemic has interrupted training for dogs for people who have visual or hearing impairments, disabilities, epilepsy, autism, or diabetes. Here’s what that means for the dogs — and for the people who rely on them.
Published On: June 22, 2020
TVO.org speaks with Julia Minamata about her retro-inspired game The Crimson Diamond — and why she created a fictional town near Lake Superior.
Published On: June 22, 2020
ANALYSIS: Calls are growing for Toronto to defund the police. Here’s what we know about the service’s budget — and about the prospects for change.
Published On: June 20, 2020
Bloody riots. Stark partisanship. Here’s why every member of Toronto’s force was fired in 1859.
Published On: June 19, 2020
What are the creative ways people are employing to mark the national day of celebration?
Published On: June 19, 2020
The Residential Schools Land Memory Mapping Project at Carleton University honours and offers awareness about residential school survivors.
Published On: June 19, 2020
COVID-19 has exacerbated chronic staffing shortages in the LTC sector. So these Ontario recruiters and researchers decided to pitch in.
Published On: June 18, 2020
Can cities be designed to be more inclusive and stamp out the kinds of inequality society is grappling with?
Published On: June 18, 2020
Has the pandemic changed the way people move around cities? And will that be beneficial for cyclists?