Science & Tech

Published On: October 20, 2020
Forty-foot towers. Hundred-foot trenches. In the Township of Douro-Dummer, residents consider large-scale options to deal with slow and unreliable internet.
Published On: October 19, 2020
OPINION: The city is known around the world for its diversity, but its Black population remains largely underrepresented in its pool of skilled tech workers. If we’re going to innovate, that needs to change.
October 16, 2020
What can Polly, the AI pollster tell us about how Canadians are feeling about the election south of the border.
Published On: October 09, 2020
COVID-19 isn’t the only virus you want to avoid this Thanksgiving. Find out how to keep yourself and your family safe when working, learning, and socializing online.
Published On: October 09, 2020
OPINION: The province has passed over two major players on its shortlist for a small-modular-reactor design. Will that mean a more competitive process?
Published On: October 08, 2020
A recent lecture highlights what two cutting-edge scientific disciplines have in common.
October 07, 2020
The Agenda discusses the so-called splinternet and the battle over cyber space.
October 01, 2020
Should tech companies such as Google and Facebook be taxed and regulated in Canada?
September 29, 2020
What does new technology mean for policing in Canada?
September 28, 2020
Botanist and medical biochemist Diana Beresford-Kroeger discusses her book, "To Speak for Trees."
September 24, 2020
Science journalist Latif Nasser discusses his documentary series, "Connected."
Published On: August 24, 2020
The future of medicine is virtual — but what will the proliferation of private-sector tech in public health care mean for patients?
August 12, 2020
What are the benefits and drawbacks of trying to contain COVID-19 through a mobile app?
June 22, 2020
What are the economic lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic?
June 10, 2020
To mask or not to mask has been the biggest debate of the COVID-19 pandemic. Should there be a definitive answer?
May 14, 2020
How can quantum computing be instrumental in responding to the challenges of this pandemic and others to come?
Published On: April 20, 2020
Arinjay Banerjee studies bats and infectious diseases — an area of specialization that made him just the right fit for a special team investigating the novel coronavirus.
Published On: April 16, 2020
In labs across the province, cutting-edge work is being done to develop new ways of testing for — and containing — the novel coronavirus.