Bonnie Lysyk from the article Ontario’s auditor general gives the Tories’ climate plan a failing grade
ANALYSIS: Ontario’s auditor general says the Tory climate-change plan assumes imaginary reductions — and still won’t meet the province’s own targets  
Liberal leadership candidate Kate Graham with Lyn McLeod, the first-ever female leader of the Ontario Liberals. from the article The big endorsement, Part 1: Kate Graham
She’s not a former cabinet minister. She hasn’t got decades of backroom party experience. Here’s how she won the backing of the Liberals’ first-ever female leader for her own leadership bid.
Michael Couteau and Robert Nixon from the article The big endorsement, Part 2: Michael Coteau
Here’s how the MPP for Don Valley East managed to score support from a 91-year-old Liberal legend. 
mushroom cloud from the article The teachers’ strike is more like nuclear warfare than you might think
OPINION: A one-day strike is a shrewd move, but it leaves teachers with only two options — surrender or escalate.

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Published On: November 22, 2019
ETFO president Sam Hammond talks to Steve Paikin about the state of bargaining between teachers' unions and the province.
Published On: November 22, 2019 speaks with the Liberal leadership candidate about her new affording-housing proposal —and why we to start focusing on the needs of a younger generation.
Published On: November 21, 2019
Differing views on whether the party understands why it lost the 2018 provincial election.
Published On: November 21, 2019
Steve Paikin interviews Doug Downey, Ontario's new attorney general.
Published On: November 21, 2019
The Agenda discusses the state of retail cannabis in Ontario.
Published On: November 20, 2019
The Agenda discusses how a minority government will work in Canadian parliament.
Published On: November 20, 2019
OPINION: During the recent Liberal leadership debate, candidates talked about what went wrong for the party in 2018 — but no one had the real answer
Published On: November 19, 2019
ANALYSIS: Four of the five people vying to be the next leader of the Liberal party faced off for the first time on Monday. They had different explanations for how the party got to where it is now — and where it should go from here.
Published On: November 18, 2019
In the aftermath of the federal election, the Agenda explores the conservative mind vs. the liberal mind.
Published On: November 15, 2019
Michael Ignatieff joins Steve Paikin for a discussion about Canada's recent election, and the rise of populism in Europe.
Published On: November 15, 2019
Last weekend, 125 Conservatives from across Ontario gathered to talk — frankly and openly — about why the party failed to connect with voters in the 2019 election.
Published On: November 14, 2019
The ripple effects of October's federal election continue.
Published On: November 14, 2019
She had a high profile, plenty of money, and oodles of volunteers. So why didn’t Milton’s Lisa Raitt win her federal-election race?
Published On: November 12, 2019
Steve Paikin talks to Elizabeth May about her career in politics and why she believes now is the time to resign.
Published On: November 12, 2019
Ontario mayors discuss changes to regional boundaries.
Published On: November 12, 2019
OPINION: On issues like child care, housing, and climate change, an expanded role for government could actually advance conservative principles.
Published On: November 12, 2019
The Ontario NDP’s showing in last year’s provincial election gave their federal cousins high hopes for this year’s national election. Here’s why they came to nothing.
Published On: November 11, 2019
OPINION: The Tories are doing a post-mortem on why they came up short in the 2019 election. They may want to think about abandoning a vision voters don’t share.