Published On: November 05, 2021
OPINION: The government is pinning its re-election hopes on two new highways in the GTA — and reactions to its mini-budget speech hint at how the campaign might unfold.
Published On: November 05, 2021
OPINION: When Canada starts buying up doses for boosters, that’ll mean fewer for the rest of the world — and that calls for a dramatic increase in production capacity.
Published On: November 03, 2021
OPINION: Ontario is planning to scrap the sub-minimum wage for servers. Let’s scrap tipping next.
Published On: November 02, 2021
OPINION: Toronto is once again trying to thwart provincial planning policy, this time around transit stations. There’s a better way.
Published On: November 02, 2021
OPINION: A new study suggests that the mental-health toll on Ontarians was worse in the third wave than the first. That makes sense — and should shape our future planning.
Published On: October 29, 2021
OPINION: Activism is demanding. The realities of climate change are distressing. If environmental organizations want people in it for the long haul, they should prioritize community.
Published On: October 28, 2021
OPINION: When work is home and home is work and your phone is always on, it can be hard to maintain boundaries — which is where a new proposed Ontario law comes in.
Published On: October 28, 2021
OPINION: TVO.org speaks with Green leader Mike Schreiner and deputy leader Dianne Saxe about their election 2022 climate plank and why they think voters want an honest plan — even if it costs them.
Published On: October 27, 2021
OPINION: Regardless of what denialists say, there is broad scholarly consensus that the term applies to the residential-school system.
Published On: October 26, 2021
OPINION: As soon as public-health measures end, businesses are going to push to get workers back in their cubicles Monday to Friday. That’s a decision too big to be left to the bosses.
Published On: October 25, 2021
OPINION: Yes, many things will return to normal. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have to be vigilant.
Published On: October 25, 2021
OPINION: This country has long been seen as a champion of internet freedom — a proposed law would jeopardize that reputation.
Published On: October 22, 2021
OPINION: The government has announced that it aims to lift all public-health measures by early next year. It’s a good plan — if the Tories can stick to it.
Published On: October 21, 2021
OPINION: The city is facing a housing-affordability crisis, and it’s recently suffered a series of pedestrian fatalities. Our officials have failed.
Published On: October 19, 2021
OPINION: Liberal leader Steven Del Duca is promising major voting changes. In the lead-up to the election, we need to press all parties for details about their visions of democratic reform.
Published On: October 18, 2021
OPINION: Bill 307 isn’t a bad law because it lacks a purpose. And it’s not bad because it required the notwithstanding clause. It’s bad because it’s sloppy and open to abuse.
Published On: October 18, 2021
OPINION: The idea that the pandemic should make the province rethink its plan to build more subways in Toronto is flawed. Subways were a good idea before COVID-19 — and they’ll be a good idea after it.  
Published On: October 15, 2021
OPINION: Things are looking up in Ontario. But the Tories shouldn’t let recent successes cloud their judgment like they did at the end of the second wave.