Published On: January 15, 2021
OPINION: After Roman Baber’s public anti-lockdown message, the premier kicked him out of the caucus — proving that at least some things are beyond the pale.
Published On: January 14, 2021
OPINION: The numbers are still objectively bad — but they aren’t still going up. Even if it’s a blip, the timing couldn’t be better.
Published On: January 12, 2021
OPINION: The government’s experts agree that the new lockdown can’t work without increased social supports for vulnerable individuals. But Doug Ford doesn’t seem interested in providing many.
Published On: January 11, 2021
OPINION: We can blame Doug Ford for things he hasn’t done, that he’s been slow to do, or that he’s done badly. But he can’t stop people from making bad decisions.
Published On: January 08, 2021
OPINION: Ontario is heading into a new, even harsher lockdown. A new plan from medical experts across the country could keep us from needing another one this summer.
Published On: January 08, 2021
OPINION: We all know the crisis is bad and getting worse. We don’t yet know what the government is going to do about it.
Published On: January 05, 2021
OPINION: Most of us spent the holidays hunkered down indoors. Turns out, some politicians felt no such responsibility. What would real accountability look like?
Published On: January 05, 2021
OPINION: Given the events of last year, making predictions about this one is an act of hubris. But it’s fair to say that Ontario will face at least three major pandemic-related challenges.
Published On: January 04, 2021
OPINION: Churches defying public-health measures aren’t examples of courage in the face of tyranny. Religious leaders may be about saving souls — but they should also be about saving lives.
Published On: January 04, 2021
OPINION: Cases are at record highs, hospitals have never had more COVID-19 patients, and long-term-care homes are turning into a disaster again. The province’s plan isn’t working.
Published On: December 22, 2020
OPINION: In the midst of construction, the pandemic, and looming gentrification, Little Jamaica deserves better.
Published On: December 22, 2020
OPINION: The COVID-19 vaccine may not be widely available, but there’s another way we can take a jab at the pandemic — the flu shot.
Published On: December 21, 2020
OPINION: The answer may be there is no good answer.
Published On: December 17, 2020
OPINION: Hospitals were already overburdened. Now, intensive-care units are filling up and healthcare workers are burning out — sound familiar?
Published On: December 11, 2020
OPINION: The government released a northern transportation plan this week. Here’s what it reveals about Doug Ford’s priorities.
Published On: December 10, 2020
OPINION: If I’d gotten a cough and runny nose, I might have had some tea and soup and rested up. But it was my daughter — so we booked a test.
Published On: December 07, 2020
OPINION: Some years, the auditor general’s annual release is a buffet of scandal. This report is more like a tapas bar of irritants.
Published On: December 07, 2020
OPINION: A generation ago — heck, even a few years ago — we would have been shocked to see how the province has adjusted its approach to liquor.