Published On: February 28, 2019
Hundreds of Yazidis from Iraq have resettled in southwestern Ontario. Many are dealing with considerable trauma — are local institutions equipped to support them?
Published On: January 25, 2019
When children make statements, testify, or deliver victim-impact statements at the London courthouse, Merel is there to lend a helping paw.
Published On: October 29, 2018
Canada may suspend armoured-vehicle exports to Saudi Arabia. That has some in London — where those vehicles are assembled — again wondering how to balance economics and human rights.
Published On: September 06, 2018
On October 22, London will become the first city in Ontario to use the ranked-ballot system — whether voters are ready for it or not.
Published On: August 07, 2018
Problematic home-care experiences are common in Ontario — but clients say they have no effective complaints mechanism to turn to.
Published On: June 29, 2018
Forgotten for decades in a London museum vault, a collection of 1930s recordings of Ojibway stories and songs has returned to Saugeen First Nation
Published On: June 20, 2018
During the election campaign, the Tories said they’d put an end to hallway medicine — but in London, where patient advocates say the problem is worst, that may not be easy.
Published On: June 06, 2018
Former deputy premier Deb Matthews has decided not to run again in London North Centre — here’s how the race there is shaping up.
Published On: May 11, 2018
London wants to open a supervised drug-use facility in an apartment building where drugs are rife — but residents are feeling left out of the process.
Published On: April 20, 2018
Ontario’s gaming corporation has partnered with a B.C. firm to upgrade and expand casinos. Is it creating opportunity, or a ‘giant cash vacuum’?
Published On: April 05, 2018
Ontario Hubs field producer Jeyan Jeganathan takes a look at how a community in London, Ont., is handling gentrification.
Published On: April 05, 2018
In London’s revitalizing Old East Village, affordable properties and low rents can represent a springboard to a better life — but is there room for everyone to dream?
Published On: March 16, 2018
The Agenda discusses London's rapid transit debate and what the rest of the province can learn from it.
Published On: March 15, 2018
Some municipal election candidates are lining up against proposed bus rapid transit system (not light rail, as many had hoped).
Published On: October 20, 2017
Elgin County libraries facilitate everything from mental health counselling to driver’s licence renewals, but they’re still relying on short-term grants.
Published On: September 21, 2017
Why more and more young people are getting into local activism.
Published On: September 01, 2017
How should London, Ont. ensure it isn’t the site of extremist protests?
Published On: June 20, 2017
So-called food forests have been springing up across the city — but turning them into sustainable sources of produce will require sustained volunteer efforts.