Published On: February 16, 2021
TVO.org speaks with U of T professor Funké Aladejebi about mid-20th- century Black women teachers — “the early architects of anti-racist education in Canada.”
Published On: February 16, 2021
When the country came under threat from fascist Italy, Black communities in Ontario rallied to the cause — and a champion sprinter recruited for an Ethiopian Foreign Legion.
Published On: February 11, 2021
Broken voting machines. A blizzard. The PC convention at Maple Leaf Gardens was marred by complications — and, in the end, the overwhelming favourite only barely squeaked through.
February 04, 2021
How has Canada become the universal example on how to combine multiculturalism with democracy?
January 22, 2021
What progress has been made on reconciliation with Indigenous communities?
January 22, 2021
A look at what the U.S. must do to restore democracy after Donald Trump.
January 20, 2021
What will it really take for Indigenous communities and people to heal from past deep wounds?
January 20, 2021
What progress has been made on reconciliation with Indigenous communities?
January 14, 2021
Allan Bartley discusses his new book, "The Ku Klux Klan in Canada: A Century of Promoting Racism and Hate in the Peaceable Kingdom."
Published On: January 13, 2021
Last week, I got to hear the hockey heroes of the ’72 series reminisce about their showdown with the Soviets — and what made it so legendary.
Published On: January 13, 2021
Coach. Manager. Owner. He’s largely forgotten now, but Charlie Querrie helped create the boys in blue we know today.
Published On: January 11, 2021
I was at the Ontario legislature 32 years ago when demonstrators smashed through the front doors. Thanks to a resourceful Opposition leader, the incident ended without harm.
Published On: January 07, 2021
A quip about the German chancellor and the Riverdale Zoo made Alderman William Croft front-page news and led to fears of an international incident.
Published On: December 24, 2020
Ontario's newspapers during our pandemic Christmas in 1918 tell a now familiar story.
December 15, 2020
Exploring The Hudson's Bay Company's history that has its beginnings with the fur trade.
Published On: December 01, 2020
By the mid-19th century, the town was home to Black families, farmers, and entrepreneurs — all part of a vital community that helped shape the area’s future.
November 30, 2020
Author Jessica J. Lee discusses her most recent book, ,Two Trees Make a Forest,, in which she discover her grandfather's past in Taiwan.
November 11, 2020
An examination of the importance of marking Remembrance Day.