Published On: April 10, 2019
The Agenda discusses Ontario's goals to reduce barriers people with disabilities face daily.
Published On: April 10, 2019

ANALYSIS: Some sell their homes. Some quit their jobs to provide therapy full-time. For parents of children with autism in this province, arranging for effective treatment can be a huge financial burden.

Published On: April 09, 2019

ANALYSIS: To understand the political furor over funding for children with autism in this province, you need to know the basics: What is the disorder — and what does effective treatment look like?

Published On: April 03, 2019
The Agenda welcomes Tamara Lilien to discuss her work as a cannabis sommelier and educator.
Published On: March 28, 2019
The Agenda discusses how to handle dementia and the acts of violence that sometimes characterize it.
Published On: March 28, 2019
The Agenda examines what should be done about people with age-related health needs in Ontario's correctional institutions.
Published On: March 25, 2019
The Agenda invites two former Ontario ministers of health to discuss changes to health-care delivery in the province.
Published On: March 22, 2019
Science has repeatedly proven the benefits of adding fluoride to tap water. So why is Tecumseh’s town council debating the issue?
Published On: March 21, 2019

ANALYSIS: Many are saying that a new study shows that Health Canada’s dietary guidelines are too expensive for most Canadians. The reality is more complicated.

Published On: March 20, 2019
The Agenda welcomes journalist Renée Pellerin to discuss her new book, "Conspiracy of Hope: The Truth about Breast Cancer Screening."
Published On: March 19, 2019
The Agenda discusses the state of disrepair of some of the GTA's oldest rental apartment buildings, and the effects of tenants.
Published On: March 19, 2019
The Agenda discusses the relationship between health and homelessness.
Published On: March 13, 2019
The Agenda discusses why vaccine myths persist and why isolating so-called anti-vaxxers may not be the answer.
Published On: March 04, 2019
The Agenda discusses whether innovation, rather than money spent, could result in better health outcomes.
Published On: March 01, 2019

OPINION: The government’s proposed new “super-agency” could be just what the doctor ordered for Ontario’s health-care woes, writes John Michael McGrath

Published On: February 28, 2019
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Christine Elliott discusses the restructuring of Ontario's health care.
Published On: February 28, 2019

Suspected overdoses have been on the rise in the city. The new Early Aberration Response System could provide authorities with insight into the causes of the increase — and help keep community members safe.

Published On: February 20, 2019

At the Anti-Alzheimer’s Silly Sisters Cooking Club, you’ll eat well and meet interesting strangers — and just maybe help prevent the neurodegenerative disease.