an expanse of water surrounded by reeds  from the article Is relocating wetlands the way to save them?
Yet another conservation authority will consider permitting developers to displace some wetlands and build them elsewhere.
black and white photo of nurses standing in front of a building from the article ‘Inequalities persist’: Hamilton’s COVID-19 pandemic is an echo of 1918
More than a century apart, two pandemics revealed similar fault lines in the city — and that has advocates calling for change now and for any future pandemics.
rows of memorial plaques with flowers from the article Graveyard shift: How cities are planning for the future of death
For some Ontario communities, density isn’t just a housing issue — it’s a burial issue, too.
a large globe on stilts that reads
Renewable natural gas can be burned to produce electricity or used as fuel. Hamilton is doing both

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Published On: May 05, 2021
A new study shows many people want to improve their mental health through exercise — but poor mental health is a barrier. So what’s the solution?
Published On: April 15, 2021
Many Ontarians have questions about how the province decided on its priority areas. Public-health units do, too.
Published On: March 29, 2021
As Hamilton grows, residents and politicians are questioning how to balance historical preservation with new development.
Published On: April 21, 2020
The St. Catharines Standard was at the forefront of breaking news in the golden age of newspapers. Run by four generations of the Burgoyne family, The Standard's intrepid reporters delivered hard-hitting news and exposed environmental injustices.
Published On: March 05, 2021
Should part-time and seasonal workers in Hamilton get a pay hike?
Published On: March 04, 2021
The City of Hamilton pays a living wage to all employees, with the exception of about 200 part-time student workers — and that has advocates calling for a raise.
Published On: February 17, 2021 speaks with McMaster prof Ravi Selvaganapathy about how his team is tackling PPE recycling — and the larger issue of sustainability.
Published On: February 12, 2021
As the pandemic highlights the role of governments and politics, more Hamiltonians are turning out to voice their concerns.
Published On: February 01, 2021 speaks with the McMaster University prof about mutations — and what Ontario should do to avoid a third wave with even higher case counts.
Published On: January 22, 2021
Started in Hamilton, the CP@Clinic program sends paramedics into the community to offer medical advice, check-ins, and social connection.
Published On: December 08, 2020
Regional Essential Access to Connected Healthcare’s goal is to provide accessible care — but to do that, it says, Ontario needs to change its funding approach.
Published On: December 04, 2020
Hamilton-Niagara Hub journalist Justin Chandler discusses recent changes to Conservation Authorities in he province.
Published On: December 03, 2020
The Tories want to update legislation governing conservation authorities. Advocates — and Hamilton city council — say that the changes will make it harder to protect the environment.
Published On: November 20, 2020
What 's the result of Ontario's fairly recent requirement that municipalities have a system for accountability?
Published On: November 19, 2020
Many city councils across Ontario are looking to fees as a way to rein in the costs of integrity-commissioner investigations — but critics say that approach threatens local democracy.
Published On: November 12, 2020
With the tourism industry struggling and a long wait for subsidized housing, experts worry that more people in the area will be pushed into homelessness.
Published On: November 02, 2020
Experts say that a technology developed for space travel could help good things grow right here at home.
Published On: October 09, 2020
COVID-19 isn’t the only virus you want to avoid this Thanksgiving. Find out how to keep yourself and your family safe when working, learning, and socializing online.