Published On: May 23, 2019
The Agenda discusses a new report that finds racialized groups, young adults, and immigrants are falling behind economically.
Published On: May 15, 2019
OPINION: The carmaker will be establishing a parts-manufacturing plant in Oshawa, saving roughly 300 jobs. But it’s still the end of the GM era in the city.
Published On: May 10, 2019
Steve Clark, minister of municipal affairs and housing, joins The Agenda to discuss the Ontario government's new housing plan.
Published On: May 10, 2019
OPINION: Ottawa wants to crack down on the dirty money flowing into Canada’s economy — but there can be no national plan unless Ontario takes action.
Published On: May 09, 2019
The Agenda discusses the importance of Ontario's now-cancelled basic-income pilot.
Published On: May 06, 2019
Indigenous-led businesses help combat economic marginalization — but they face many barriers. spoke with three organizations about how to foster entrepreneurship and keep money in communities.  
Published On: May 03, 2019
Southwestern Ontario Hub journalist Mary Baxter explains why tobacco crops are making a comeback on Ontario farms.
Published On: April 29, 2019
Women's income drops when they take parental leave. However, according to a new report, that income drop can last five years. Now that non-birthing parents to take up to five weeks of parental leave, The Agenda discusses why the income gap persists.
Published On: April 26, 2019
Canada Pension Plan contributions. Deductible expenses. Filing taxes as an independent contractor is a complicated business — and critics say this growing group of Ontarians isn’t getting the support it needs.
Published On: April 23, 2019
OPINION: The carbon-tax arguments made before the Court of Appeal last week demonstrate that climate-change policy has to be smart as well as aggressive.
Published On: April 18, 2019
Canada has become a global haven for laundering dirty money, particularly via its hot real estate markets. Some estimates put the numbers in the billions.
Published On: April 18, 2019
These entrepreneurs see business opportunities beyond the mere growing and retailing of pot products. But can the province really become a destination for cannabis-related tourism?  
Published On: April 12, 2019
The Agenda reviews its week of programming.
Published On: April 12, 2019
Ontario Hubs journalist H.G. Watson discusses what the PC government's budget has to offer for northern and Indigenous communities?
Published On: April 12, 2019
Opposition critics and the Treasury Board president evaluate the Ontario PC government's first budget.
Published On: April 01, 2019
The assumption used to be one home, one family. But as the population ages and home prices skyrocket, more Ontarians are considering the benefits of co-living.
Published On: March 25, 2019
The Agenda examines new measures in the federal budget to help first-time home buyers.
Published On: March 22, 2019
The Agenda reviews its week of programming.