Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton is a climate writer, an adjunct professor of eco-studies at York University, and the senior manager of partnerships at MaRS Cleantech.

Tyler Hamilton's articles

Published On: September 20, 2017
Canada’s largest mining companies came out in support of a carbon price structure today while Australia’s formerly pristine Great Barrier Reef turns white from bleaching. Click for more of this week’s climate news.
Published On: December 08, 2016
Game-changing provincial regulations may help big buildings cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
Published On: October 12, 2016
A new study suggests that building hydro reservoirs creates emissions — though not as much as coal or natural gas. Elsewhere, Conservatives are increasingly on unsteady ground opposing carbon pricing. Click for more in this week’s Climate Roundup.
Published On: October 06, 2016
Ontario borders four of the five Great Lakes — which uniquely positions it to take advantage of offshore wind energy. But, Tyler Hamilton argues, the province is so far lagging behind our neighbours to the south.
Published On: October 05, 2016
As the Liberal government announced Monday that carbon would start at a cost of $10 per tonne, countries around the world geared up to pass the Paris climate change accord before the U.S. election and potential disruptions by Donald Trump. More climate news inside.
Published On: September 28, 2016
A poll by the Ontario Science Centre found that 40 per cent of respondents believe climate science is still unclear or unsettled. At the same time, the mandate letters sent to ministers last week call for a boost to electric vehicles. Click for more climate news.
Published On: September 21, 2016
As property owners in Muskoka launch a class-action lawsuit against the Ontario government, net metering homes head north and Canada prepares to ratify the Paris climate agreement. More in this week’s climate news inside.
Published On: September 15, 2016
Homes that produce as much energy as they consume are set to become the new standard. But it’ll take the right mix of technology, policy and know-how to get there.  
Published On: September 14, 2016
This week’s biggest news was the rebate for hydro customers, but energy conservation advocates say it’s misplaced money. Meanwhile, a new report shows dense communities generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Click for more in this week’s Climate Roundup.
Published On: September 07, 2016
The federal government announced generous funding for 13 research projects, five of which involve climate change. Meanwhile, the U.S. and China took a big step toward ratifying the Paris agreement. Click for more climate news.
Published On: August 31, 2016
Once a news item only mentioned when an international conference was happening, climate change is now dominating the agendas of major meetings. Unifor weighs in on carbon pricing. Click for more climate news.
Published On: August 24, 2016
Dr. James Orbinski, one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders, devoted his keynote at the CMA annual meeting to a warning about climate change. A major transit spending boost bodes well for climate goals. More climate news inside.
Published On: August 17, 2016
Extreme heat has people wondering why hydro companies are prevented from cutting power during cold months, but are able to do so in hot ones. Meanwhile, global warming means fewer places to hold the Olympics — winter and summer. Click for more climate news.
Published On: August 10, 2016
 A combination of relentlessly high temperatures and low rainfall has farmers worried about their crops as the Rio Olympics put the spotlight back on deforestation and the greenhouse gas effect. Click for more of this week’s climate news.
Published On: August 09, 2016
​The province has committed to an 80 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but experts say this won’t happen unless the province transitions away from natural gas. So why has the government confirmed a large grant for more natural gas infrastructure?
Published On: August 03, 2016
Canadian teams account for a quarter of the finalists in the Carbon XPrize, a competition to turn excess carbon dioxide into usable energy forms. Meanwhile, Alberta’s carbon tax promises to be the most stringent. Click for more in this week’s Climate Roundup.
Published On: July 27, 2016
​Years after CFCs were given the boot, the replacement chemical is proving problematic. Sobeys leads the charge by switching to greener refrigeration techniques. More climate news inside.
Published On: July 20, 2016
As 21 businesses sign on to a carbon pricing coalition, Bank of England governor Mark Carney talks with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna about the potential economic upside to climate change. Click for more.