Tina Knezevic

Tina Knezevic is a Toronto-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Walrus and on TVO.org.

Tina Knezevic's articles

Published On: June 17, 2019
Your co-worker is having a panic attack. What should you do? Through this program, you can learn how to respond effectively when someone is in distress.  
Published On: July 26, 2018
Forty percent of seafood in Canada is mislabelled — so an ocean-conservation group enlisted citizen scientists to combat the problem.
Published On: April 03, 2017
Three weeks a year, Burlington residents go literally out of their way to protect the endangered amphibians.
Published On: February 10, 2017
Scientists have been trying to protect the Great Lakes from an Asian carp invasion, but a new report says the time for defence has passed — the carp are here, and it’s time to focus on eradication.
Published On: January 05, 2017
Citizen scientists contribute greatly to our understanding of climate change, but a new radio telemetry technology could help them do even more.
Published On: December 06, 2016
These reeds are popping up across the province. Ecologists and local residents are fending them off by any means available.