Tim Alamenciak


Tim Alamenciak is a journalist based in Kitchener. 

Tim Alamenciak's articles

Published On: Oct 24,2018
There are dozens of boil-water advisories on reserves across the country. Can one research team’s innovative approach help fix that?
Published On: Sep 24,2018
Ontario’s lakes are getting too hot for the trout to handle — but conditions are perfect for one of its biggest rivals.
Published On: Sep 17,2018
The snowshoe hare changes colour to match the snow, but warming weather is throwing its camouflage out of sync — and that leaves it vulnerable to predators.
Published On: Sep 10,2018
Deer are now expanding northward because of milder winters — but with them come wolves, parasites, and a big appetite for plants.
Published On: Sep 04,2018
Thanks to warming temperatures, ticks are now establishing populations across Ontario — and they’re bringing Lyme disease with them.
Published On: Aug 27,2018
With snow cover on the decline across Canada, North America’s only marsupial is now making itself at home farther north.
Published On: Aug 20,2018
As temperatures rise, the monarch butterfly population falls — but we can do our part to help their numbers recover.
Published On: Aug 13,2018
With its food source in decline, the bird now depends on human aid — and flying scrambled eggs — for survival.
Published On: Aug 07,2018
The Canada jay stores food in trees for the winter, but more frequent thaws and higher average temperatures are spoiling its reserves — and harming the species.
Published On: Jul 31,2018
The challenge with studying animals is that they’re pretty good at studying us — so scientists have to get creative.
Published On: Jul 31,2018
The practice buys valuable time to repair the ecosystem and eliminate threats to the survival of at-risk species — and conservationists across Ontario are using it.
Published On: Jun 26,2018
Companies tout the environmental benefits of their rooftop apiaries, but researchers say that honeybees can have a negative impact on biodiversity.
Published On: Jun 12,2018
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have promised to dismantle the pollution-pricing system — but doing that won’t be easy or cheap, writes Tim Alamenciak.
Published On: May 30,2018
OPINION: Ken Ranney and Paul Cragg are running for the Stop Climate Change party. They won’t win, writes Tim Alamenciak, but we should listen to what they have to say.
Published On: May 24,2018
ANALYSIS: Climate change hasn’t been a dominant issue this election season — but the province’s future depends on what our politicians choose to do about it, writes Tim Alamenciak.
Published On: Apr 25,2018
At 10 months old, Eleanor is too young to understand what happened on April 23. But when she’s older, I’ll tell her about the heroes — like her mother — who helped that day.
Published On: Apr 20,2018
Policies and administrations change — the UN’s 17 global goals help keep nations focused on the priorities that shouldn’t.
Published On: Apr 11,2018
ANALYSIS: Foxconn might soon be allowed to take millions of gallons of water from Lake Michigan per day — and that could set a dangerous precedent, writes Tim Alamenciak.