Steve Paikin


Steve Paikin is the anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. A native of Hamilton, Ont., Steve received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto (Victoria University, 1981) and his master's degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.


Steve Paikin's articles

Published On: Aug 16,2018

Lisa MacLeod deployed the Trumpian term while defending the Tories’ cancellation of Ontario’s basic-income pilot. This week, she said sorry

Published On: Aug 13,2018

He might have been forgotten by most Ontarians, but residents of Manitoulin Island remember George Stewart Henry well.

Published On: Aug 09,2018

Following the cancellation of the basic-income pilot and provincial interference in municipal governance, some democratic conservatives and red Tories have started speaking out.

Published On: Aug 03,2018

Doug Ford’s government has tried to change the way news conferences are run — but reporters have been resisting in the name of democracy.

Published On: Jul 27,2018

Doug Ford isn’t the first premier to try restructuring government in Toronto — and previous attempts have almost always ended badly.

Published On: Jul 25,2018

Doug Ford, John Tory, and Bill Blair have to let bygones be bygones if they want to address gun violence in the city.

Published On: Jul 16,2018

The former premier suffered a humiliating election defeat. That hasn’t stopped some Ontarians from piling on.

Published On: Jul 12,2018

Greg Sorbara is a reminder that in politics, sometimes it really doesn’t matter who you know.

Published On: Jul 09,2018

The new health czar’s salary has been raising eyebrows — but the real question is what powers Rueben Devlin will have.

Published On: Jul 04,2018

For Tim Hudak, John Tory, and Patrick Brown, last Friday’s swearing-in ceremony must’ve been a bittersweet affair.

Published On: Jul 02,2018

The Trump administration has made up my mind: I’m not going to spend my money in a country whose president views Canada as a national-security threat.

Published On: Jun 22,2018

In a season of advice-giving, the president of Centennial College’s convocation address stood out.

Published On: Jun 20,2018

There was much hooting and hollering as Premier-designate Doug Ford presided over the Progressive Conservatives’ festive first caucus assembly.

Published On: Jun 14,2018

Hugs, regrets, and historic moments abounded this morning as the incoming class of New Democrat MPPs gathered in Toronto.

Published On: Jun 13,2018

In the wake of last week’s devastating election result, the former governing party will need to find a leader who’s got the right stuff.

Published On: Jun 12,2018

In the wake of last week’s electoral shellacking, many within the party are saying the Grits strayed too far to the left.

Published On: Jun 08,2018

The province’s 42nd grand consultation with the people ended in a Tory majority. Here’s what you need to know about last night’s results.

Published On: Jun 04,2018

It’s been one unprecedented event after another in provincial politics. With June 7 looming, what else is in store?