Steve Paikin


Steve Paikin is the anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. A native of Hamilton, Ont., Steve received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto (Victoria University, 1981) and his master's degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.


Steve Paikin's articles

Published On: Nov 30,2018

“This place is sacred,” the province’s longest-serving Speaker, Dave Levac, told an audience last week. “Don’t wreck it.”

Published On: Nov 27,2018

Jim Watson, who won by a landslide in October, has never lost a political race — and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Published On: Nov 26,2018

No one was better than Brian Mulroney at maintaining peace in his caucus. Someone in the premier’s office should be taking notes.

Published On: Nov 22,2018

The mayoral race was Singh’s eighth run at political office — and his eighth loss. But that won’t stop him from trying again.

Published On: Nov 21,2018

She made do with limited campaign funds and a tiny team of volunteers. Her real challenge was Jennifer Keesmaat.

Published On: Nov 20,2018

She got 15,000 votes — good for fourth place — and she’s “100 per cent” certain that she’ll run for office again.

Published On: Nov 05,2018

At last Friday’s Munk Debate, former White House strategist Steve Bannon and conservative commentator David Frum went head to head over populism.

Published On: Oct 30,2018

Jim Karahalios wants to be president of the Progressive Conservative party, but the party doesn’t seem to want him. Now he’s raising questions about how the Tories are running things.

Published On: Oct 29,2018

Linda Jeffrey lost the mayoral race to Patrick Brown. But in the wake of her surprising defeat, she may well have her eye on a different political post in Peel Region.

Published On: Oct 23,2018

For the politician who was once the favourite to become premier, an otherwise disastrous year has ended with a surprising victory.

Published On: Oct 17,2018

The Select Committee on Fiscal Transparency is compelling civil servants to squeal on their former masters. Here’s why that’s so troubling.

Published On: Oct 15,2018

The program, which provides free prescription drugs to those under 25, was supposed to have been killed off months ago — but taxpayers aren’t seeing any savings yet.

Published On: Oct 12,2018

The rookie candidate could find herself with some interesting options to consider after the October 22 municipal election is over.

Published On: Oct 02,2018

Some campaign managers who worked the 2018 Ontario election say that trying to get young citizens out to the polls is a near-pointless exercise.

Published On: Oct 01,2018

Campaign managers gathered at Ryerson University last week to compare notes and determine why the June 7 election unfolded as it did.

Published On: Sep 27,2018

As the Liberals prepare for an acrimonious post-mortem of their election defeat, the Tories are set to put them on political trial.

Published On: Sep 25,2018

Nearly 40 years after he found himself at the centre of a patronage controversy, Morley Rosenberg is back — and he’s seeking a council seat in Toronto.

Published On: Sep 18,2018

The mayor of the Manitoulin Island community has been serving on the local council for 65 years. He’s finally decided to retire.