Steve Paikin


Steve Paikin is the anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. A native of Hamilton, Ont., Steve received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto (Victoria University, 1981) and his master's degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

Steve Paikin's articles

Published On: Jun 17,2019
Richard Gwyn was a renowned author and commentator for more than half a century. Then, suddenly, his mind began to deteriorate  
Published On: Jun 10,2019

The Liberals have chosen to stick to their usual system for picking their new leader, even though a majority of members oppose it. What will that mean for the party’s future?  

Published On: Jun 07,2019

They say that a week is a lifetime in politics — and a lot has happened over the past two lifetimes. Here’s what to watch for at the Liberals’ annual general meeting this weekend.

Published On: Jun 05,2019

For decades, experts have thought up ways to improve the most important hour of the day at Queen’s Park. Henry Jacek is one of them.  

Published On: May 30,2019
The climb-down on cuts to municipal public-health budgets may signal a change in approach for the Progressive Conservative government.
Published On: May 21,2019

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get worse for the Liberals, they did. Here’s why  

Published On: May 08,2019

Some Ontarians worry that international students are taking spots at universities and colleges away from locals. Instead, they should be grateful that those students are picking up our government’s financial slack.

Published On: May 01,2019
Ontario’s 26th premier has a fascinating combination of skills — and he phones Ontarians to remind them of it all the time.
Published On: Apr 29,2019
Show up for a natural disaster and get pilloried. Don’t show up and still get pilloried. It’s reality for 21st-century politicians.
Published On: Apr 15,2019

Despite being well-educated, too many liberal-arts grads feel ill-prepared for life after university.

Published On: Apr 11,2019

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli did something unprecedented with his budget speech. He deserves kudos for it.

Published On: Apr 10,2019
We've seen plenty of ambitious transit announcements in this city before. With this one, the province thinks it's hit pay dirt.  
Published On: Mar 27,2019
Soon, and for the first time ever, the halls of the Ontario legislature will feature a portrait of a female premier.
Published On: Mar 19,2019

Ontario voters often get up in arms about MPP pensions. Here’s why their outrage is misplaced.

Published On: Mar 13,2019

Majority governments may seem to have all the power — but the flap over the OPP commissioner appointment demonstrates that they can be convinced to back down.

Published On: Mar 06,2019

Some Liberals in this province are thinking that former MPP Tim Murphy should run for leader. They may be on to something.

Published On: Mar 04,2019

New rules have come into effect governing freedom of speech at post-secondary institutions. This could get ugly — and expensive.

Published On: Feb 19,2019

Richard Nixon was arguably the most brilliant foreign-policy practitioner in U.S. history. He also talked like a mob boss.