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Sarah Dziedzic is a graduate of Western University and Humber College's Professional Writing and Communications program. She's a student intern at

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Published On: August 12, 2016
Sonja Larsen, author of ‘Red Star Tattoo: My Life as a Revolutionary Girl,’ answers five questions on memories, memoirs and revolutions.
Published On: August 02, 2016
Food waste audits can help consumers and businesses understand the true costs of what they discard.
Published On: July 25, 2016
A popular Yellowknife restaurant reportedly passed off fish from Kazakhstan as local. Meanwhile, dairy prices are set to rise again. Click for more Food Links.
Published On: July 19, 2016
Debates over the cost of long-term care often overlook cultural sensitivity. But ethno-specific homes are vital because they practise socialization over institutionalization.
Published On: July 18, 2016
An Almonte chocolatier wins a gold at an international chocolate competition while farmers struggle with drought conditions. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.
Published On: July 18, 2016
Jordan St. John, co-author of 'The Ontario Craft Beer Guide,' answers five questions about the rise in popularity of craft beer, its effect on the economy and why the system is rigged against it.
Published On: July 15, 2016
​History professor and The Agenda in the Summer guest Matthew Bellamy says the practice of breweries linking their products to Canadian identity goes as far back as the early 20th century.
Published On: July 11, 2016
As one University of Guelph professor creates support for farmers with mental health issues, Smoke’s Poutinerie plans to expand from 81 locations to 1,300 in just four years. That and more in this week’s Food Links.  
Published On: July 04, 2016
Neilson milk manufacturer Saputo faced an outcry from grocery shoppers this week after announcing its switch to three-litre bags of milk instead of four. More in this week’s Food Links.  
Published On: July 04, 2016
Michelle DuBarry, the world’s oldest performing drag queen and two contemporary drag performers on the art, activism and resilience of drag.
Published On: June 27, 2016
As the province’s supermarkets prepare for a spike in demand for Icelandic skyr, more of Sault Ste. Marie’s seniors start relying on food banks. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.
Published On: June 20, 2016
Farmers have to cope with lower sulphur levels in their crops after a successful campaign to rid Ontario of acid rain. An online food publication explores Ontario’s horsemeat industry. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.