Sarah B. Hood

Sarah B. Hood is a freelance writer and the author of We Sure Can!: How Jams and Pickles Are Reviving the Lure and Lore of Local Food.

Sarah B. Hood's articles

Published On: December 26, 2016
Ontarian bakers used everything from hearth fires to factories in the 1800s.
Published On: May 17, 2016
Late blight is a deadly, fast-spreading fungus that could decimate potatoes, yet every year home gardeners unwittingly risk spreading the disease.
Published On: March 18, 2016
Ontario chicken farmers were traditionally required to raise fewer than 300 birds per year or more than 100,000. But in January, a new program brought the province small-scale commercial chicken farms.
Published On: January 29, 2016
A farmers market pilot program allows grape wine to be sold but no other fermented fruit drinks. But support for the fast-growing industry could help Ontario apple growers, cider producers say.